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  • chriskazoo2003 chriskazoo2003 Sep 7, 2011 6:12 PM Flag

    Talked with Putnam

    I shot Robert an email and he called me back. Man I appreciate him calling me, he clarified a bunch of things for me that restore confidence in the company.

    He said by policy they only announce orders > 600K (roughly). He said they have no limitations or blackout periods for making PR's.
    Said they are really looking forward to the RFP Army 6300 unit order and the Kongsberg potential large order. Said they need that multi year type large order to create more consistency by having a core/base business. He thinks that the increased interest that would come from the investing community with a large chunck of biz would be really helpful as well to eliminate this choppy trading and get some more intelligent valuation models being put together by experts who would look more closely at the revenue model/overall market. We talked about their facility in SD, he said he thought that facility could support upwards of 50MUSD/year of final assembly and that their supply chains were in great shape with over 80% of all their suppliers in So. Cal.

    We talked briefly about Ultra/Wattre and the 1MUSD bird detection p.o. they got recently. He said that EVERY time they've gone head to head with Ultra in a military demo, etc. that they've "won". I asked how they'd gotten so much PR out of their limited sales and BD resources, he said a lot of their PR is free because it's others spotlighting the technology (Whale Wars show, etc.)

    We talked about PPS and he of course didn't share anything with me of substance, just speculating about why the market is behaving and he reiterated he felt just like they said in the CC that they would have a solid quarter (i.e. nothing in his mind had developed which would justify some major PPS decline), other than institutions moving in/out of the stock..... He did share and I think it's fairly obvious that the recent oil platform announcement met their announcement guidelines but customer wanted it kept ultra quiet. So while none of us know how big we can assume it was at least 600K (my assumption). Given now the two announcements, I'm guessing they also have some filler biz and my guess is this Q would be around 4MUSD in revenue.

    He said the 2000 was developed (frankly for that matter all unique models have been developed) at a specific customer request. He said this request was to protect a bigger standoff zone around an "asset". He would not tell me any more about foreign or domestic.

    Talked about Kongsberg, I was surprised to hear that IF the ARMY ordered LRAD's be put on all the CROWS units that they could participate not just in the 8000 original units already in the field but also the 3000 more pending. For some reason I thought the scope of that deal was only the incremental "new" 3000 units still to be provided to the Army by Kongsberg.

    Out. You can all thank me later for taking the time to have the call. Hope there's something remotely useful in this for you. Overall the tone of the call was positive, I didn't sense any pending "doom" and "gloom" from him or anything like that, pretty matter of fact.

    Total call took around 30 minutes. He's pretty sharp guy who knows their biz well.

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    • No problem on the caps it's your choice and rightly so.

      Sorry to hear your getting killed on the small caps, a well versed trader makes as much in a down day as an up day, just have to know the playbooks.

      anyway T time in 25 min so tootle-loo and have a good weekend

    • LOL no it was a box of doggie treats.


      GLTA and to all a good night

    • Well i believe you .. Why can go to hell for lying.. lol ... Me ,, been playing the mkt. For 40 + years..did very well on the ibm,s etc... Invest in a few small caps but over all bad mkt like this, the few i have are getting killed, to be expected i guess. sorry for the caps ,, lol

    • Just one question realitycheck. Did you or did you not use a Kelloggs box of cereal to demonstrate the stock at a share holder meeting?

      Yes or no


    • LOL I've never been fired in my entire career which is quite a long legacy and fit for a story at some timepoint in the future.

      That was a story ccoked up by several peeps on this board to justify the bashing.

      Further to that point

      *never cleaned toilets
      *never worked at a BK
      *have no relatives who own a BK
      *don't live in a truck
      *have owned millions of shares of many companies (:
      *have access to a ton of insider details of ATC ahem LRAD
      *have been on this company like flys to honey for way to many years
      *have an attractive wife and great kids although they have mostly flown the coop
      *have only one yahoo alias!
      *have disclosed more dirt on this company than anyone in the history of it and this is the reason I am hated by so many here.
      *have spoken in riddles and with careful intent, disguised my true identity all the while outing many of the alias accounts here with the open identification of them
      *have no fear

      OK so now that that is all out in the open, share a few points about yourself, No caps required (:

      GLTA and don't forget your bail bucket if your a long

    • Hey reality , did you get fired,, is that why your so very bitter.. Has to be a reason .. just curious ?

    • LOL ole George (SCOTT STUCKEY) does not have the peaches to respond to my posts at this juncture, but don't kid yourself he HAS TO watch every post I send, It is his job to aggressively or passively respond to the Yin with his Yang, besides you really think he would block me a former compadre?

      LOL not a chance.

      Does he want everyone else to block me? of course I stand for the opposite posture as he, but he must have picked up a bit of cowardice since we last worked as a team.

      I just don't remember him as a head in the sand kind of guy. must have been all the beatings!


      GLTA and don't forget to HAVE SOLD this sunk junk

    • Can't handle the truth so you hide your head in the sand, nice strategy IMHO.

      LALALALALALALALALALA I can't hear you (hands over ears/ignoring white/bury head in sand are all the same thing)

      Good luck with that


    • I put both on ignore because I got tired of White's constant support of Reality. They are same person posting to themselves. I guess you can't hate yourself. LOL. Maybe you can. LOL. LOL.

      GLTA Don't forget to put Reality/White on ignore.

    • Nothing personal Chris but most of the people on this board play with much bigger leggo's than a mid 20k investment and seriously you whine as much or more as anyone here!

      Shut-up,sit-down, Buckle-up .....and freekin hang-on


      GLTA and don't forget to FLUSH

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