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  • chriskazoo2003 chriskazoo2003 Nov 25, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Nice to see new order(s) annouced

    Great to see new order(s). Hope it continues and for LRAD 1000 and 100X not for the 360 family. As much as Brown dumbed down domestic LRAD military sales, good to see these products still being bought internationally.

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    • Yeah nice news today. And the $1.8M will all be recognized this quarter! So looks like LRAD is going to follow up that monster Q4 with a strong Q1. Surprised the stock hasn't done much since earnings. Have seen lots of stocks flying in this hot market on no news. And LRAD puts out a couple of very good PRs. Would have thought stock would be in low $2's. If not higher!

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      • Part of reason why this isn't flying yet is company continues by back therefore temporary manipulation so that they can buy it back within a decent range. This will take off further once buyback/manipulation is completed.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Makes no sense to me either. Stock has risen quite a big so a few weak hands can be infectious. Would have liked to see an uptick based on the announcement but frankly this was business that was most likely expected from the cc in August, ie two larger orders would make their q4 the second best ever. The fact that they did in fact have their second best quarter ever, without a second announced larger order, makes me wonder what the expectations were. They only need to book in the neighborhood of four million to break even and here is half that amount in one committed order. Previous years, the first quarters have been relatively lackluster (except fiscal '10) so I would think starting the year at breakeven could portend major revenue for the entire year. I can see where the share price might have gotten ahead of the game a bit, but I don't see the share price sliding much if any from here.

        Time will tell, but I'm not selling anything at this point and can't foresee thinking about selling until we are in the mid to high two's. The new board sounds very competent and they have a strong offering in an established market, ie sales are imminent, not just when a budget can be manipulated for a new fangled technology.

      • Yea, but they need consistent orders of this size or something really big to get any attention. They need a small to mid 8 digit order or a low 9 digit order to really get this thing rocking. We'll see. I hope Brown is really DUMBING down expectations and then delivers way beyond that. I know if I was the CEO I'd be like - oh yea the world is really bad and then surprise, surprise, surprise, here comes really big news. Why I'd never be a good CEO. :)

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