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  • kg2931 kg2931 Dec 26, 2001 12:05 PM Flag

    My ONVI's worth $18 per share,

    at least that what I paid for it in Yr2000.

    So, if it doubles, tripples, quad ...., etc., who cares, it's a tax write off.

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    • Yes, you're right. I meant schedule A and form 4952 to be exact and yes only up to the amount of investment income (capital gains).

    • I feel your pain as we've discussed in the past. Maybe you've already sold but if not, why not wait? Your shares are almost worthless at these levels, and maybe lady luck will smile on you and the stock will move up next year as the economy comes around. Or maybe Onvia will be acquired, who knows. Maybe I've listened to too much of BG's hype, or maybe I'm still the optimist I was when I bought this stock. Either way, I'm sitting tight. Oh and dont forget; never act on information posted on a Yahoo! message board.

      Happy New Year, Ken

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      • Yeah, as you can tell from my previous post I've concluded the same thing. Why sell now at such a beating when I might make up to 50cents more waiting out the next month or so. So, that's what I'll do. And who knows, maybe this thing will hold a dollar or even two and then like you say, get acquired.

        Happy and prosperous New Year to you Ken,


    • kg,

      The market says your stock is not worth $18.00 per share. 53 cents is more like anyhow. Somebody sold me 5,000 shares today at 52 maybe 52 cents is a better figure to use.

      You can reap a big tax loss if you sell on Monday. For you, that might be a good move.

      I know some people who will take them on Monday......and maybe some other people will take them later for $3.00.

      But if it does not matter to you.....just let them go now. Take the tax loss in 2001...The pain will be gone.....You would be helping yourself, and the company....and me, for that matter.

      That's why this is such an interesting time of the year for broken stocks. One person's trash is another person's treasure. It's like a flea market......and it's been really hard to see the dog for all of the fleas....yes?


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      • I was kidding of course on the ONVI worth $18

        Well I paid about 55 grand for 3000 shares of ONVI and if I sold it now (Monday) at 50cents then gee I guess I'd be pretty stupid. I'll wait out the January rise in all stocks and then sell for my loss in Yr2002. Then wait a month and buy about 1/2 of it back at a much cheaper price after everything tanks again.

        I have plenty of fleas (other fleas) for Yr2001 tax losses. Don't need to take a bigger bath than needed just to rid myself of one more .com. See you next year and good luck to all on ONVI.

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