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  • sheribobbins2002 sheribobbins2002 Nov 16, 2002 5:28 PM Flag

    What a joke...

    The people running this company are amazing. I'm sure Pickett and company are putting on a good show. That's what they have always done. Since the begining Onvia has never been anything but a smoke and mirror company.

    DGR has made a fair offer, only ego will keep Pickett and BOD from selling. Ego is also the only motivation for DGR to attempt to purchase the company.

    To call this insider dealing is clearly the rantings of somebody not paying attention. DGR ad the current leadership team don't like each other at all, neither is going out of their way to take care of the other!

    It's hard to see this company ever reaching profitablity. Only investors holding the stock think (more acurately WISH) this stock will return to what it was. NO WAY!

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    • sheribobbins2002,

      If you don't hold ONVI stock or don't plan to, why are you here?

      ONVI shareholder hopefuls are only hoping for a better return on their losses than 3.50 p/shr post reverse split.

      • 1 Reply to kg2931
      • I'm a former Onvian with morbid curiosity. For the past two years, this board has been nothing better than a glorified F'd company.

        It's extremely amusing to see how many posters actually believe real-live, big-time investors come here looking for info about this crap company.

        Most of the people that post here are obviously former employees or friends and family. Only former Onvians who thought they were going to be rich could spout some of the bile that's hit this board in the past two years.

        It's sad that people lost money on this company but, it's not Onvia's fault. The people that lost their money can only blame themselves for not doing enough research. As for the former Onvians that thought they'd be rich--close, but no cigar.

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