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  • kg2931 kg2931 Nov 19, 2002 2:52 PM Flag

    Spoke with Mike Pickett this morning

    Good guy, sincere. Wanted to emphasize he's not part of the Ballman, Ayer and Bell interest.

    Said the new Broadview International LLC agreement is a 6 month contract to evaluate all options to increas shareholder value. Could be a buy out (declining the current offer), could be a merger, could be a share buy back, could be a cash distrib, whatever Broadview comes up with. No immediate solution is expected but Pickett would like to see something out of this by Dec - mid January.

    This is a relief to me that ONVI's not selling out now.

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    • Maybe you should send him some more money.

      Already told you they were seperate. You asked the wrong questions.

      Did he tell you they had already hired Broadview for a year previously and they couldn't hook them up with anything?

      Did you ask him how a company that made only 6.3 mil in revenue during the past 12 months could afford to pay four top executives 12% of that?

      Good to hear that you're relieved though!

    • You must be tickled pink. He may be able to get that bid up to double the current $3.50. Yeah, 7 bucks would cut your loss from 96% to a cool 94%. What a great guy! Wonder what that would cut his loss to?

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      • You've got a good point on the 96% to 94% but I don't hold Pickett alone accountable for that. Many stocks have gone down 50 - 96% since the gold rush of 1999.

        My post was trying to be a little positive. Wanted to pass on to this board that at least Pickett called me and that he explained the current DGR thing is a six month contract, not an instant decision to sell out. And yes this encourgaging to me.

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