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  • the_anti_j_man the_anti_j_man Apr 27, 2000 6:06 PM Flag

    ONVI under pressure my advice& strategy

    of what is wrong with day traders.

    hard to believe, but this is a quote from him: "Again,
    another over-analyzer. It is just a stock. Forget the
    rest. Momentum up or momentum down is the game...not
    all the mumble jumble about biz model, competition,
    RFQ, etc. etc. Enough with the economics. It is not
    all that serious folks."

    (I took the liberty
    of cleaning up his verbiage some to make it clearer
    to English-speakers.)

    I submit that the
    business model of a company, their competition, what is
    the future for this sector, etc. would have A GREAT
    DEAL of interest to any SERIOUS investor. Over the
    past few years, the market has been so forgiving that
    even being a stupid ignoramus doesn't disqualify one
    from gaining (temporary) riches. Over the past few
    years, it didn't matter if you were too stupid to
    understand let alone analyze these factors. But now, as the
    market corrects itself a bit (as it always does),
    "investors" like hitthebid will be left for dead. It is clear
    that our pal hitthebid is feeling a little lost. He
    doesn't like it when it gets too hard for him to

    Hitthebid: Why don't you go turn on the WWF on television
    and get back to a level you are comfortable

    Serious investors: Be glad that a few folks take the time
    to share insightful commentary. They make the board
    (occasionally) interesting. Keep posting your reasoned opinions.

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