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  • tormented_investor tormented_investor Apr 27, 2000 10:16 PM Flag

    ONVI under pressure my advice& strategy

    ...but oh well.

    Heya. Perhaps you might
    consider voluntary disclosure on the source for several of
    your points.

    > 1. Underwriters
    are selling.
    > 2. Institutional holders are
    > 1. B2B has been trading thousands of times over
    earnings, any price is expensive viewed by mkt.
    > 4.
    The business exchange concept they have in Onvia
    doesn't work. Why? No expertise, no niche advantage
    (measured by no. and spread of customers).

    As is the
    case with most people pushing their view, I found your
    analysis to be a stunning revelation of nothing.

    info, no supporting figures, no quotes, no links, just
    bland supposition, general sweeping views and
    contradictory statements (ie. Telling people to sell NOW, and
    then having the gall to state "...I'm not short or

    Sorry if this sounds harsh. I'm just tired of people
    trumpeting ONVIA and others shooting ONVIA...all without
    supporting evidence. If you're going to post your
    thoughts...please think through the process. Other people are going
    to read it, and would like to know how you arrived
    at your analysis. I enjoy a laugh as much everyone
    else, but the repetitiveness of the ignorance shown is
    getting tiresome.

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