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  • bobora43 bobora43 May 1, 2000 5:47 PM Flag

    ONVI short interest stats 4/15/00

    Wondered why so many posts here are so negative?
    At April 15, 2000 short interest in ONVI was a
    WHOPPING 1.2 MILLION SHARES, up 158% from a month earlier,
    March 15, 2000. That's more than 10% of the float. Holy
    Cow, what fools are lending 1.2 million shares to the

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    • i think the bottom has been found cover now or chase it next week

    • I ordered numerous times with onvia as well as
      some of my friends and we had no problems getting our
      goods. This was Onvia Canada so i dont know if for one
      time our stuff is better than the us but they deliver

    • Thanks for clarifying your post. We can hope that Onvia is watching this type of vendor activity and will make listing decisions accordingly. I have every reason to believe that they are.

    • If you know that there is "Big News" why don't you tell us what it is rather than saying "Big News - Buy Now!" Or are you just trying to hype the stock up?

    • <EOM>

    • Ok, so there are doubters out there regarding my
      posting. Just as I figured there would be. My story is
      absolutely true. Here are my order numbers with

      Order # Date Status
      234999 Mar. 19, 2000 In
      230309 Mar. 18, 2000 In process
      186145 Feb. 10, 2000
      In process
      181188 Feb. 4, 2000 All items

      Of those 4 orders I listed only 181188 and 230309
      really shipped. The other 2 were cancelled yet they
      still show "In process". I have cancelled an equal
      number of orders with them because I would call days
      later only to discover they had no stock.

      point of my story is that if you are invested in a
      business you should try that business and see what type of
      service they offer. As for Onvia they don't deliver
      because they don't have any stock.

    • Like I said in my message, I don't have a lot of
      stake in this company, I appreciate the fact that you
      just repeated that for me?!? That's why I have almost
      a neutral outlook on things.
      If the stock goes
      to 0, I only lose a couple grand.

      And if you
      are going to be immature and flame everyone that has
      an opinion different than yours, at least come up
      with something original that you haven't used before
      on someone else.

    • back the $ u borrowed 80 shares u sure r a player

    • Agreed, what I meant though was that a story like
      this one is far more useful than posts like the
      subject only one liners that hitthebid posts.

      can't say that it is true or false because a lot of
      people think that by posting to this board they can sway
      the price of a stock.
      Shorts will post negative
      news, longs will post
      positive news. I am a long,
      but I want the truth so that I know which way the
      stock might go.

    • It certainly helps me way more than the

      "whamp what happened u did not get paper
      clips u
      moron hahahahaha get lost short fool"

      I like how
      you think that anyone that acts somewhat
      intelligently is a short. Truthfully I don't have much stake in
      this company. I bought 40 shares at $27, then averaged
      down and bought another 40 shares at $8. Once the
      stock goes above $20, I will probably sell.

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