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  • new21yroldinvestor new21yroldinvestor Mar 21, 2014 4:04 PM Flag

    Need some help :)

    Hello to all....

    I am a female college student who is fortunate enough to receive tuition reimbursements provided for me by the company where I am employed ~ as the pay for my colllege courses. Also, I have been fortunate to save up some money so as to jump into trading stocks... Due to my inexperience, I had taken the carrot and had purchased 155 shares of ECYT shortly after the opening bell and had paid $31.78 per share...

    What should I do now? Sell or hang onto this stock with hopes that it will rise so as to enable a profit for me in the long run ?

    Please, I could really use some honest advice..

    Thank you... ~ Stephanie ~

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    • Hi S, My thoughts are that you should be fine in ECYT. With today's good news there will probably be analyst upgrades along with positive articles over the weekend about what this means for ECYT revenues. Just a couple weeks ago the stock was rated 1 (strong buy) by ZACKS. It also helps ECYT having agreements already in place with Merck too. Today was a tough day for the biopharms (most of the big names were down 3-5% for the day). My thoughts are that if that had not been the case ECYT would have run above 30 at the close. Monday should be interesting at the open and there probably will be more buyers entering the stock. My guess (and that is all it is) is that ECYT trades on Monday between 29 and 32. I went into today with a large position in ECYT and it worked out ok, but on Monday I plan on lightening up a little above 30 to reduce my risk and take some profits off the table. Hope this helps and good luck.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Be careful buying in pre-market, or @ the opening bell , many times the PPS can be inflated and short interest are salivating to jump on a stock that is up over 100%.See what pre-market looks like Monday and @ opening or around 10:30 get out if it goes over $32.50,which it should.....The euphoria will be short can always buy back after you have made a profit...Always take a profit when it presents itself....

    • Don't buy stocks that pop unless you are a daytrader, without stepping back, taking a breath and doing a review. Worse case you leave a little on the table. 90% (biopharms being some of the exceptions) of stocks with large one day gains give some back as shorts cover and day traders cycle out. In the case of biopharms, what level is the news. This is a double good news, but it's still PHASE 2B. LONG road to hole.

      I'd suggest you dedicate some time using a test board. Motley Fool CAPS is a good test experience and while it is lightly used compared to its hayday, there are some biopharm players there where you can learn and practice. I won't say anything nice or mean about the splash of articles they print, other than with any opinion, it is only a starting point for your own DD.

      IN specific to your quesiton, if you really care or should care about an anonymous message board user. The majority of boards are full of shorts and pumpers. So take things with a grain of salt. I believe this will trend down. Set a stop and see. If you get stopped out, let your DD decide if you want back in.

      Second, never buy a full load at once, scale in, dollar cost, scale out, plan your entries and exits, hard to do on biopharms...they are high risk.

    • Hold and relax. If you bought with Cash, Then there is no worry at all. It'll be above 30 by mid next week. You know it can never go back to teens. So you are safe.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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