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  • quizzical_bob quizzical_bob May 14, 2007 10:25 PM Flag

    Short Squeeze?EXM up again $1.10

    Incredible volume today. Only bulker that did fairly well today. Something must be up!!!

    I am surprised that no announcement has surfaced concerning earnings. I hope they have a PR tomorrow with an earnings announcement later in the week. I have sold about 20% of my original holdings but still am nervous of any accounting irregularities, shady dealings, etc. Did you see what happened to OPBL.OB this week??? You never know what stock could get struck with total disaster (including EXM).

    Also thinking about selling more and moving to OKN. Their 'affiliate' must be getting ready to pull the trigger on something.

    Good luck to all longs...

    Note - sold some today at Honest's low end of his original range ($27.99).