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  • advise_for_you advise_for_you Feb 5, 2008 10:45 PM Flag

    EXM will touch 12-13 before bounce...

    sell this POS, and take some rest.

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    • you are truly an idiot. all you got out of life was doing paid bashing for some hedge aholes. you are pathetic and worthless, like the people who are giving us the following choice for President:

      1) Socialist Bolshevik Hillary. Think taxes or spending will go down on her watch??! lmao

      2) Certifiable warmonger and illegal alien lover McCain. Welcome MEY-HI-CO as your 51st state people. The population of the US just grew by a couple hundred million.

      Watch the US dollar disintegrate into NOTHING and you have to start all over again with the AMERI-PESO.

      Better own some precious metals just in case. If you think $900 gold and $16 silver is too expensive, just think about how many dollars ARE OUT THERE and how many people DON'T OWN *ANY*!