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  • pepperoniandmushrooms2003 pepperoniandmushrooms2003 Apr 21, 2008 8:57 PM Flag

    VOLUME !!! means everything !

    think about this, well no, dont think about it.

    just know your gonna miss the mother of all runs if you sell.

    you gotta a little train that did scenario here.

    sure the pros play with EXM, when they want to take it to $80, they take it to $80, who cares how we get there, its the fact we got there that matters, when they want it to go down, theyll take it down.

    this volume, is unlike anything ever seen for EXM.

    ive been in and out of this puppy for several years, this time if like to think im a tad smarter.

    longs and shorts alike, should read this book thats been out for a while now.

    "way of the turtle"
    "the complete turtle trader"

    its a book about a fat wall street trader, fat as in loaded!

    he took average every day guys and turned them into top notch traders, he has made hundreds of millions of dollars, he proved you can teach great tradeing to almost anybody.

    its been the biggest help for me, becuase after getting decent with my charting, you still have to have a system, and consistancy.

    no matter how good your charting skills are.

    anyways. what made these traders famous is that they bought when prices were riseing, and sold short when prices were falling.

    sounds easy doesnt it, when the price breaks out of the previous 20 day high, and its above the 350 dma.

    buy, and let her run, dont worry about over bought shit, just let her do what shes supposed to do, howevre if she moves against you, cut your losses quickly, you can keep entering if you keep getting the signal, but cut the losses incase your wrong.

    what they proved over the long haul, was as long as you held true to the rules, cut your losses fast. but let your winners run, his traders made hundreds of millions of dollars for him and themselves.

    what he said was the most significant thing about his system, was he removed his traders fear for taking profits. hey didnt sell a great thing too soon, they didnt sell after a few point run to lock in profits, he says most traders will miss the big moves, for fear of giving back profits.
    thats one thing ive akways wondered myself about people screaming "over bought"

    how do you ride a 100 point run? if your stock is over bought after 5 points?

    how do you ride a POT, or a RIG, or a FSLR?

    if you selling after a few points, and your giving back some of that when your wrong, or giving back all of it when your wrong, how you ever gonna make any money?

    anyways, selling too soon is very very common, because its that whole lock in your profits doctrin, which is in itself is a good thing, profits are what this is all about.

    but this guy, created the best traders, who made the most, by following a few very simple rules.

    now im no expert, but learning everyday is critical for getting better at this.
    so what ive learned, is even though i didnt get in at the very bottom, even though i was watching it, (funds needed to clear) i was not one bit hesitant to enter a couple of days later.

    each day just confirmed the last.

    todays volume is just more of the same signal.

    history repeats itself, as long as we are humans this is a fact.

    will EXM go to $80?

    i dont know.

    does EXM run up hard when volume increases.....ABSOLUTLY!

    has this much volume ever come into this stock for 5 straight tradeing days?


    so, given the "facts" and "history"

    we can only conclude, the stock will run up. if the past volumes are a reference point, if you wanna even talk fundamentals, has EXM ever been where they are today, technically and fundamentally?


    so as for myself, im rideing this horse until the wheels fall off !
    cause the clues are there, just a matter of replacing your fears with some confidense thats all.

    for you sellers, dont worry from the looks of things, theres plenty of people who want your shares, at any price!

    good luck all!

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