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  • mark.wade1960 mark.wade1960 Apr 24, 2008 2:42 PM Flag

    The whole stock mkt will CRASH

    This year.......just wanted to be on record

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    • pepperoniandmushrooms2003 pepperoniandmushrooms2003 Apr 25, 2008 2:45 AM Flag

      im on the west coast, just got your message, id be glad to speak with you. I think you know alot more then anybody could possibly fathom, being a trader on the street, im sure the real nuts and bolts of reality passed by your desk every day.

      when i was 18 i stumbled into a job, selling comodities, i puked on my first sale, my nerves couldnt take the excitement. i loved it, but what i loved the most, is when your there watching all those screens and all that news and whne you see how everything is effected and changes everyday in a moments notice, how world events change and everybody is betting on everything from farts to tampons, thats when you feel the reality of humanity on a very large and very raw scale.

      i will call tomorrow, or this week end.

      its late now, almost 12 midnight pacific time.

      by the way.
      if your short, id change directions real soon.

      I think somebody big wanted to enter BEFORE the next ER.

      they sure werent very discreet about it. 6 days of this volume?

      talk about sending a message!

    • Mark,

      How about starting your own blog?
      I'm quite sure that most of us will visit yours.


    • I just typed a[ partial] response of my thoughts to you and could not post it i exceded 400 characters and i hate to type.

      Call 415- 332 - 0298 now and you will get me or leave a # and i will return the call.

      Its not my number, i will give you alot of valuable info on youre dime.

    • pepperoniandmushrooms2003 pepperoniandmushrooms2003 Apr 24, 2008 10:17 PM Flag

      hay MARK.

      im not gonna beat ya up like everybody else is.

      what im wondering is, like in the past, you dont see some artificial fabricated way that the market will get held up long enough to avoid the crash?

      i mean, we seem to be chock full of BS, and seem to find any reason to prop it up.

      are you so certain that finally the weight will crush those trying to hold this dead horse afloat?

      just curious.

      i too thought of total crash, but hay...i see IPODS and IPHONES and HUMMERS, and $5 lattes..!

      we are nt exactly suffering around here.

      i mean, sure everybody is crying FOUL about gas prices, but they sure havent parked the Hummer, and they sure havent sold the boats. and they sure dont stay home on sundays.

      the golf courses are still full, tech gadjets are still selling like hot cakes, looks to me like we have alot more discretionary income to burn, as long as we can spend $100 to fill up twice a week, gas is going to keep riseing.

      its as is our tolerance for pain has numbed us, and we are showing exactly how wealthy we really are, sure we cry sure we moan, but dam im eating and im getting to work, i have food i have clothes and i have all my utilities and laptops and DSL and weekly gardener.

      all this, and it would take alot more to really make me suffer.

      the poor, and trust me, ive been trully poor, wouldnt know the difference between 3 dollar gas and 5 dollar gas.

      and they surelly wouldnt cry about it as loudly, same old shit different day, in their lives.

      its us, the ones who are spoiled, psychologically speaking we will suffer the most, becuase we cant have everything right now!

      anyways, i hear ya about the crash, ive been thinking the same exact thing, but im also aware of our resiliancy.

      one thing that would trigger a total collapse.

      another 911, if both NY and SF were hit and the bridges taken out, that would be a total catastrophie!

      nobody has to die, just cut us away from our financial centers. you know how long it takes to build a Golden Gate or a Bay Bridge?

      or take out several key server farms here in Silicon Valley, wanna talk chaos?

      thats the only thing i see could trigger a total collapse.

      and guess what, right now were are at our most vulnerable.

      we are devided as a nation, as a species of life. we are economically unstable and spiritually.

      right now, we are at our most vulnerable for the death blow terrorist attack.
      that OSAMA isnt some dumby, hes as sharp as they come, its a classic david verse goliath here, and he has caused us to bleed our selves financially dry, he knew we would bankrupt ourselves trying to retaliate against him.

      tahts what this whole 911 thing was really about, he attacked out hearts..he attacked our wallets, becuase he knew thats where our hearts and souls are. he knew we would destroy our own economy trying to chase down a ghost

      he won, the day we swore revenge!

      judo, use the opponants weight against himself.!

      he did just that.

    • Mark. Thank you. you are on the record. Now add something fresh, or take your Cassandra act somewhere else

    • Its comeing [ everthing ] is being hollowed out from under neath. R word means squat D word you better watch out for