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  • mark.wade1960 mark.wade1960 Apr 26, 2008 11:12 AM Flag

    ot Bloomberg article [ philly mo and ba ]worth a read

    for a snap shot of present tense Sat article

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    • pepperoniandmushrooms2003 pepperoniandmushrooms2003 Apr 26, 2008 1:40 PM Flag

      I TRIED LOOKING up the article, but your pretty vague about which artice it is.

      i cant blame you for not wanting to offer the message board anything worth noting, these jerk offs are a bunch of d-cks.

      you have my direct number if you have something to share, would still like to have that discussion, ive IM-d you but no response yet.


      im very bullish on
      EXM.....this has not even begun to run! found support!
      VMW.....great guidance 55% up! great chart. and running!

      SOHU, if it breaks new 52 week highs! only after it breaks.

      and BOOM. im becomming bullish on, ER next week will shed more light on forward growth.


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      • I no sooner posted and went back and its was gone.

        one high light corp profits for the snp are 11 % and about 50 % co reported so far.

        WSJ biss section front page has article from 89 year old who seen it all and studied and more Sat edtion

        Seeking Alpha is a MUST tons of good information on a constant basis, its the best i know of after the major news sources scrolling live news.

        One [ other ] on todays Dow Tape FOB just doubled there Forclosure Rate Est....

        Try and catch you Mon post close trust all is well.