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  • aint_no_fortunate_son aint_no_fortunate_son Apr 29, 2008 11:31 PM Flag

    a lot of ridiculous hand-wringing here

    I think its time to put this monster launch in some kind of perspective, because a lot of strong hands a few days ago are sounding awful limp-wristed now... people, in my humble freakin opinion we are just at the start of this rocket ship ride.

    I'm a volume guy... that's what I look at after I study the charts and the moving averages and the momentum oscillators and the earnings reports and the SEC filings.

    VOLUME... its what makes the mare run, and its what tells me whether institutions are coming or going and who's walking their talk. So I took out my 4 dollar casio solar calculator and let fly. Here's what I got, going back to T minus 1 second, 4/15, the day the QMAR deal got done.

    Date Volume Net Up/Down
    4/15 1,958,000 + .43
    4/16 3,774,000 + 5.68
    4/17 2,900,000 + .25
    4/18 2,856,000 + 2.70
    4/21 2,693,000 + 1.84
    4/22 2,856,000 + 3.54
    4/23 3,142,000 + .90
    4/24 1,981,000 - 1.16
    4/25 1,368,000 + 1.99
    4/28 1,314,000 - 1.71
    4/29 1,641,000 -2.82

    Up volume days: 8 with total volume 21,537,000
    Down volume days: 3 with total volume 4,936,000
    Up volume exceeds down volume by more than 4.3 to 1

    21,537,000 divided by 8 = 2,602,000 shares/day on up days
    4,936,000 divided by 3 = 1,645,000 shares/day on down days

    Net stock price change on 8 up volume days: 17.33 points
    Net stock price change on 3 down volume days: 5.69 points

    People, this is a monster move on monster institutional up volume and it doesn't just stop after 2 weeks... there will be sharp violent bouts of profit taking as the markets and individuals get shaken around, but MISTER VOLUME has spoken loud and clear, and it would be my suggestion that nobody quit before the miracle plays itself out a lot higher than where we are today. Somebody plans to move this puppy a lot higher.

    Now quit yer bitchin and worrying.. you're worse than a mother-in-law.

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