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  • aint_no_fortunate_son aint_no_fortunate_son May 2, 2008 4:04 PM Flag

    Huge volume ramp last hour

    this stock just laid up in DRYS's slip stream and took off with it... looks like the second leg up may have started

    held a bid all day with just a few dips for someone to grab shares

    MISTER VOLUME is speaking again.. a magnificent technical day as she really moved up off the 9 EMA.. a classic technical buy signal

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    • No kidding!! Just checked the chart. Beautiful volume spikes at the end there! I'm glad I added some shares this morning!
      Have a great weekend!!

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      • shorts had to cover before the close.

        i know dam well theres still shorts on board, they will try again when it climbs near 45-47.

        but as before, i know dam well, longs, at least the majority wont be selling, they know exactly what they are holding.

        this is a $70-100 stock just based on sex appeal. dont peg a PE to it, its worth waht ever the market wants to pay for it.

        and if the market wants to over value it, based on some peoples idea of value.

        so be it, as long as im selling into those over valuations, fine by me, so dont no body here start talking the stock down on value or on over bought BS, give me over bought or give me death!


        lets enjoy what the market has to offer us.

    • EXM was way behind all day and it roared at the end. NM has had a good week as well. GNK is getting very close to a 52 week high, one more good day and it's there.

      The charts of DRYS, NM and EXM look the same in the last hour of trade. I saw the huge volume in the $40 and $45 strikes earlier, I knew something was going to happen.

      EXM was a steal this week, it dipped below $39. If we use S&P multiples, we should be at 14-15x earnings. That gives us 50% upside in EXM at a minimum. That is why I think it's a $60 stock easy.

      If we really do get a run on Dow 14000, we will see $50+ in no time. Volume is definitely the key, you need bids to bump up the price. We closed at the high of the day on good volume, that is very bullish.

      I think they flushed alot of weak hands out this week. I'm in it for the long term so I don't care about the day to day. I can't wait to hear what the dividend will be.