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  • baecorine baecorine Jun 13, 2008 7:41 AM Flag

    you think EXM will be on fastmoney's Poops and Dupes?

    This is the case with all small to mid cap stocks that are sector specific. They run them up, then down. Wall Street is churning this market, they have no other way to make money. The only place you are relatively safe are in large cap naMES LIKE PEP, XOM, PG. You won't make much nor will you lose much.

    Right now they are shorting everything again. Banks are in big trouble, oil is making records every week. You have to take any and all profits when you have them. We are in a bear market and it will stay that way for another year or two.

    I got disgusted and went to cash. I'm not going to invest in a market that churns stocks up 50% and down 50% in a few weeks. This isn't investing, it's criminal what they are doing. Fundamentals mean nothing so I'll keep my money off the table.

    We are in for another big smack down today and Monday. We should mae new lows in the Dow and S&P next week. When Wall Street decides to short, they will get this market down. They can take it in any direction they want. 12000 hedge funds acting in concert in every market on the planet, that is the kind of market we are in.

    I'm waiting for one of the banks to go under, we will have a 1000 point drop in the Dow sooner or later. LEH is no different than BSC, nothing but lies. It all smells like Enron and WorldCom to me.

    Stay in cash.