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  • dlightsey2001 dlightsey2001 Jun 1, 2011 11:28 AM Flag

    What level does the BDI have to be for

    EXM to turn a profit...what about free cash flow?

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    • yet_another_crappy_stock yet_another_crappy_stock Jun 5, 2011 11:27 AM Flag

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    • Look at the BDI index comparing today's rates to last years.

      You'll see how badly this has fallen.

      Compare the BDI rate to the operating cost, and you will have the operating margin.

      You THEN have to factor in your G&A and other expenses.

      EXM is treading water.

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    • So, the current BPI is $14,391 and our breakeven cost to operate is $6,500...Naaa, this don't add up.

    • There is much more to it than that. First, the BDI can rise or fall with one of the four classes doing all the lifting or dragging. You need to look at the fleet make up and determine which of the four indices are most important to EXM. You will discover it is the BPI.

      EXM has ONE Cape on spot. The BDI is completely concerned with and only with SPOT voyages. For EXM, they have eight vessels on "time charters" that are tied to the BPI index. Paid bi-weekly on the average of the BPI for the preceding period. They have SIXTEEN panas (kamsars) on spot. They have six Supra/handies on spot. So far and away they are most sensitive to the BPI. The vessels cost about $6500 a day to operate, so you need to determine what the management fees are, the G&A, the commissions, the depreciation, the interest paid for each or an average across the fleet to get to the "turn a profit" level.

      They have a LOT of debt left over from the disastrously timed QMAR acquisition.

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