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  • grayold_man Feb 22, 2013 1:43 AM Flag


    whatever they agree on will be bad for the market, because there will be cuts regardless, somebody will take a hit

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    • Obama helped Wall Street steal tons of shares with his sequester fear-mongering ...... I bought some TVIX at 5.00 thanks to that douchebag ....... criminal what that man did ....... I can understand GS and MS throwing garbage out there for "news" and "manipulation" , but the friggin PRESIDENT ????? Man that is some sad stuff ...... I wish I had voted for Romney now ...... IMA DOPE , and I will take the bash for it ..... my apologies to the Romney supporters , I almost voted for him ..... He won Texas anyway , and i knew he would , so my vote didn't count , but still , I effed up ....... won't happen again ....... I hope Romney runs again