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  • ragingbull_si ragingbull_si Apr 30, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

    The deadline is effectively up

    I wonder how long they will take before they let us know what happened with the finance situation. In the past they have gotten extensions and never bothered to announce.

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    • These Greek thieves are like the deadbeats that took mortgages on houses they could NEVER afford and then got modifications that make them no better able to afford the house and then lose it later. What most in this sector, and they are mostly uninformed anyway, is that banks are perpetrating a fraud on THEIR shareholders by letting these deadbeat shippers stay afloat. They are NOT writing down THEIR portfolio of shipping loans as they probably are REQUIRED to by law.

      They are playing accounting tricks and their shareholders OUGHT to be up in arms. They are taking huge losses and they are just trying to hope against hope that the thieves somehow live long enough to pay them back. In some, very few, cases they might. Many won't.