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  • beauzeau23 beauzeau23 Nov 14, 2012 1:29 PM Flag

    Obama is the problem.

    Obama makes a speech today at 1:30 announcing his "final solution" for tax increases. The special dividend rate of 15% is probably history, all dividend will be ordinary income from now on.
    If you voted for Romney you have my sympathy. If you voted for Obama you are getting what you deserve and you have only my contempt.

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    • Well if they voted for Obama, they probably don't receive much, if any, dividend income, so like the rest of their attitude towards taxation that doesn't affect them, "What do they care?"

    • Obama is the Problem! beauzeau23 is correct. Obama needs to pay for all the people he is hooking on the government!

      “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny, when the government fears the people, there is liberty."
      – Thomas Jefferson

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    • Good!! Why should I pay a far lower rate on money I don't have to work for vs. the money I bust my butt to earn (that which comes from actual WORK!!!) And it's not just income taxes which punish actual work, but SS taxes. And if you're self employed you might pay a total of 38.3% (25% bracket) vs 15% for money you contribute ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to society to earn. A huge part of my income now is in dividends, then I'm self employed. I'd much rather see the money I actually WORK for taxed more fairly and am glad to pay higher taxes on my dividends to make that happen. Our tax system punishes work and rewards being lucky enough to have money to invest. Hell if Romney had his way I would never pay another tax on dividends the rest of my life (since my income is way the hell under 200k). THAT'S NUTS!!!! I'm glad your man loss for the good of all those people who actually work for a living! Apparently not you!!

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      • Generally, people aren't "lucky" to have money to invest. They worked hard for it.

      • Maybe you should have a lower rate because if you work a normal job, you're not exactly losing money now are you? Put in the time and you're likely to get paid. Even if you don't get paid, you're not likely to lose money. On the other hand, investors can lose everything they put into a company.

        It's called risk. You're taking a huge risk in investing, and investments allow companies to expand, which provide jobs, which provide salaries, which allow investments. Take out the investments and you lose jobs, lose salary......seems like a no brainer to me.

        And the other reply was correct, your money has already been taxed when you earned it, so why should it be taxed again?

      • You will see, we will enter a depression, taxing money that is risked will not be invested to grow the econ, the gov will make less money, and the people who actually rely on social programs will not get funded. Romney plan would of actually brought in more rev to the gov, it would spur growth, if this country can't grow 5 percent a year going forward it goes under. Also you people make me sick, this country was never supposed to be like this, its goes against the constitution and is thievery. The gov is inefficient, and will go under with these policies, social mood will suffer thus create another market crash. I tell you, they make it harder now for me to become wealthy. I used to bring in big money, I spent it to, now I make a fraction, and I don't spend. I spent so much and invested so hard during the bush years, good times, people where happy, I was, working hard, spending, hiring. Now the heck with it, I have no motivation to make money, I will make under the min, why should I take the risk of I can't be reward. This is not a friendy country, its a jelous country now, not one of free thinkers to take that risk to better his or hers environment. The philosophy is on Marx, forieng to the hope filled, feel good philosophy of the founders, that you can do it. Now you can't, and they make it harder so you can't. Btw, the wealthy citizens is not the problem, the true criminals and super rich are the ones making the rules with the banks, we are fascist now. Hi hilter.

      • Why are you on a stock message board if you truly believe that stock investing serves no purpose ("contribute ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to society to earn")?

        "rewards being lucky enough to have money to invest. "
        I was lucky because I spent years saving and scrimping? Honestly, I would have rather bought an exotic sports car, but then I would be 1 event away from bankruptcy like most americans who only live for the present.

      • I'm not "lucky" to have money to invest. I invest money I earned though work. I live frugally to make sure I have enough money to invest so I can retire with more than what SS can provide. I don't mind paying taxes, though. I DO mind OVERPAYING taxes.

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      • Maybe i am missing something., didn't you work for the money you put into the stock to get the
        dividends? You were taxed on that money,right and now you are taxed again on the dividend,right.
        Interesting !

      • not going to debate obama good or bad, but will say tax situation shouldnt impact MAIN. already its dividends are considered ordinary income, so already highest tax rate, not cap gains rate which could be changed

      • Sounds like somebody isn't saving for their retirement...

    • What an absurd comment! Revenue has to increase, period! The wealthy have done exceedingly well since Bush (talk about wealth transfer!) and it's about time they pay what they paid under Clinton. Not such a big deal! Hey, in case you haven't noticed, the stock market under Obama has done very, very well! In the meantime, let's stick to MAIN, and not engage in silly politics!

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      • If you are so anxious for Clinton era taxes, do you also favor implementing Clinton era spending?

        Raising taxes on the rich will indeed make the rich poorer but it will do more harm to the middle and lower classes as they won't get the raises, bonuses or worst case jobs that would have been available otherwise.

        For every action there is a reaction. Just as California found out, the tax increases brought in billions less than expected because the people they expected to pay, changed their behavior.

        Look around the country, the evidence is everywhere. High tax states are losing population and low tax states are receiving population. High tax states are in trouble. Low tax states are thriving. That is reality.

        Raising taxes makes us all poorer and decreases the opportunities for others to get rich as money becomes harder to get.

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      • Yes the people made money during bush, but that money came to me who provided a service, nobody calls me anymore, I was on my way to becoming wealthy and keep people on full time. You punk #$%$, I blame you and your mentality, of hate and jealousy, anybody could of made it during bush years, not only rich, wealth does transfer, now it's not. I was a recipient of that transfer. Because I got up every day, and provided a service, and people with money would buy that service, Now my buss went to heck, we where bouncing back until Obama put 100 trill on the credit card, 8 trill just for the banks, what you thought it was 850 mill, that's a lie, they got 7 to 8 trill, guess what if we let them go under, the US would have no debt, we could coin money constitutionally. You mentality only serves the super rich, and you don't even see it, not your citizen, but the small families that run the private banks.

      • in case you haven't noticed, the WORLD's stock market's under Obama has done very, very well! So much for trying to give credit to the stock market to Obama, eh?
        "talk about wealth transfer" There was no transfer. I bet you think that extending the current tax rates that have been around for 12 years would be considered a "tax cut" too, huh?

      • actually down about 4.9% since Nov 7. Thanks obama.

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