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  • jebster182 jebster182 Oct 23, 2009 12:02 PM Flag

    FIG will finish in the green!!!

    FIG is an ABSOLUTE STEAL at this price!!!! WTF!!! How insane is this.....the most prominent well placed PE firm (along with BX) is selling for HALF of what its worth two weeks before earnings. Just picked up more at $5.08!! Riduculous!!! Absurd!!! Its only a matter of time before we take off again!! Hang on FIGsters...the PAY OFF IS COMING!!!

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    • Only if the moon falls on top of the earth..No way it will close in green. Monday won't too.

    • I jumped on the band wagon at 5.48. I thought it was a steal, but now i'm thinking of cutting my losses. even after earnings i am guessing it still doesent get above 5.50. I read the MJ article and saw that FIG balked on the Neverland ranch saying that in 2008 it was putting the ranch up for auction to get buys to jump. wile these tactics work sometimes im starting to feel like FIG is showing to many tells. these guys have lost their poker faces. The RA IPO whould have been done a month earlier than it was, but in sted of going all in they were forced to call. lets face it the press is sinking their ship hitting them hard on the RA IPO and these clowns have not 1 answer to shup up the cramers of the world. Sticks and stones at this point would be more welcome than being publicly B!t@h smacked. insted of standing up and fighting back they have run to a cornor and look terrified. Unless they got a little bit of Rocky in them or a can of Brisk Tea, or spinach their done for. Starting to look more like a KO than a TKO at this point.

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      • Its amusing to see the visible panic. We are all impatient for FIG to move....but we all also know the stock is pathetically underpriced, and held down for some reason. Yet Nomura and FIG insiders bought millions of shares at $5, and it would be illogical to expect that to have happened without the prospect of substantial returns. We all seem to agree on that. We all know they will blow their numbers out...that they are (next to BX) the best positioned of the various PE firms, and the best value for the price. So relax...the last two days have not been great, but they have been a chance to reload and/or load up...which I have!!! Get on board folks. When it takes off it will sudden and sharp.

    • been waiting for four months now and nothing has happened.
      Do not expect anything in the future either. A waste of time
      is the only thing FIG is good for!!!!!!!!

    • fundamentals really don't matter, PEs and all that; it's where the big inst. $ flows, like into the finans. where there are rotten fundamentals; don't try to make sense of this mkt

    • Its been a frustrating roller coaster but I agree we are ready for a BIG POP....picking up more here as I CANNOT SEE HOW THIS CANNOT BE OVER $6 or $7 BY EARNINGS!!!

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