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  • capmktplayer capmktplayer Feb 17, 2011 6:17 PM Flag

    margin requirements

    You are officially an idiot! Now you are playing news reporter on the FIG board. Get a life

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    • guess what Kap..who cares..right..but please instead of your constant whining...why don't you share this news you have in regard to know the info that you have not been able to share because you feel you can't get a word in edge wise..the board is all

      do you play the victim in everything you do....and guess what..psst..there is a button in the corner that says ignore user...right..instead of thinking that the world caters to your every desire and if you are so sensitive that you are bugged by others posting other trading opportunities..guess what genius, you don't have suffer and play the victim, you have the power to eliminate us from your world..and if you can't figure that out then the idiot is truly you

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