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  • wojo1423 wojo1423 Mar 30, 2012 2:53 PM Flag

    Never Marry a stock.........

    i've never grasped how to properly value the common of the FIGs, BXs, etc. seems like management has a lot of competing incentives, and i think their own (and then the LPs) usually win. i think

    on your point, FIG is definitely not a buy and hold vehicle in the traditional sense. but to say that no security is buy and hold is just plain silly. it doesn't even make sense. you can buy and hold for 30 seconds or 30 years. you're "buying and holding" in either case so i don't even understand the logic here.

    my other (larger) holding is in a little tech company called vasco data security international (VDSI)

    great management, excellent cash flows and balance sheet, and a market that seemingly grows bigger each and every day (think the unfolding debacle at GPN for example)

    christine you are pretty funny though. i've began calling it the figglet as well

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    • ok greg that brady bunch episode where he wanted everyone to interpret the words to their exact

      on that and hold..yes, one is buying and holding even if it is for 30 seconds (hence the brady bunch reference to your application of the

      when I say buy and hold is dead, I mean, todays market is not like the market of old...there is too much volatility due to high frequency, options, headline news, manufactured, currency swings and influence and of course, the talking heads..etc.....having said that, are you able to stick with some stocks longer than others and are there some stocks that aren't worth trading the swings as you know they have a longer trend higher....sure, those exsist...but the majority of the stocks, trade in a range and on technicals and it is my opinion that trading around a core position in reputable stocks is a better more productive strategy....but, wojo, you have to remember, that most people that frequent this board are in figglet or figglet like stocks..meaning, they are smaller more speculative stocks and therefore it is more important to watch for tail winds and headwinds as well as the technicals ...because lets face it..very few that contribute on this board invest in high divy stable stocks :-)

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