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  • rockie999 rockie999 Jan 23, 2014 2:53 PM Flag

    Out for the Afternoon... Feddy Read My post under SFUN Header...

    Did great last 3 weeks...Today largest % loss that I can remember. I know many stocks are low but I convinced Usta is correct about a correction now, or very soon.....

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    • rock, look over PRAN, they are a ways away from having a drug, but it seems that they have a good thing in the pipe for some form of Alzheimers. Could be a big deal in a few yrs, and a big deal means a $100 stock...

    • I have been saying this for years, no real correction when the Fed is keeping rates low, and the movements in the mkts today, the China news, the TLT price, all combine for me to think that the taper will be tapered...

      That's my new mantra, "taper the taper"!! Less than people have been led to expect.

      I am less concerned about China and the Fed than I am about consumer spending, and disposable income. The after effects of BO Care is something I have posted about before.

      Biotechs are doing OK, my BIIB is up, and only the real speculative ones are down. INSY was up, now down 1.80, but it's up 20 bucks in 6 weeks.

      I am way down too, got solar, China internet, HLF, lots of bleeding. So I sold some stuff, bot some other stuff of much lesser value, and will wait to see what tomorrow brings.