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  • rockie999 rockie999 Jan 23, 2014 8:22 PM Flag

    Feddie/Usta BO Care and Cut in Consumer Spending

    Because of the people I work with I have much closer contacts with the poor and working poor(Public Assistance, Social Security with no savings or family support, Working with 4 people in family and Income below $35,000) than either of you. I only know a small number of Ma and Pa Store owners and they worry about BO Care and their ability to continue with their small business' Among the working poor or outright poor I have not had one say they have been effected by BO Care....Most don't understand it but accept they will have to sign up for care if uncovered. Some of the uncovered did not enroll in any plan. They are a small minority. The vast majority of the groups I have mentioned have stated they have had serious money problems for the past few years. They all say that for a good many years "things have been getting worse, with prices going up while salaries have stayed the same. They all buy less, each year. They also include marginal functioning people who had gone from job to job but now find once they get laid off or quit their jobs there are no jobs available on their former pay level. I also see surprisingly high numbers of H.S. grades living with their parents as they cannot pay rent, bills and eat on minimum wage jobs-If they can find them. One positive of what I see. I used to strongly encourage my brighter young people to go to College..even discussing pay scales in areas they show promise. A disheartening number used to get local jobs at a decent level in an office, or Union jobs(like construction).They would be able to get a car and a small place to impress the girls. Women plus video games seemed enough. Nowadays, All of the brighter youngsters I have dealt with(where I recommended College) could not find more than a minimum wage job, with something like Radio Shack as the high end job. They ALL have returned to me feeling college is the only way they could eventually get a salary which would give them a place of their own.

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    • What all the above is meant to show...that the 2 classes, who used to buy more than they could handle now cannot get deep in debt with overspending. Many have applied for BK so for a while credit is not theirs to have. Some will get cards with high Interest rates and quickly max them out. Much of the past consumer spending was maxing out four or five CCards....and putting the next BK off for a while. They now find it harder to get credit so they spend less. The only time I see a good deal of spending is if they break the law and get CCards in the kids names...or suing some poor guy after they fall on his property. What I'm saying is the lower half of Americans have lost the ability to be a good consumer. BO Care is to most of them just more sand thrown on their already dead purchasing power. The Middle Class is quickly becoming the working poor....

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      • Usta I think I see why the is a gap in what I see and you and Feddy see. You describe(BOCare only) middle class workers without agency Heath Insurance(Agency -Half paid by Company and Half by worker) The workers I describe and I include myself have had Heath Insurance(since I started working and into retirement.) BOCare is not mentioned here as a problem because HI is already in effect.and there are no new hits to our funds. Little is changed because all the workers I know have insurance pre BOC...The PA people are not in this discussion.
        The workers you describe are not covered and are being forced in. I think I now see why we have a different view...NYC and NYS to a lesser degree have a much higher degree of Union workers AND unlike other states have a well funded health and pension fund(I never thought I'd say NYC Admins might have planned better than most)...Because of this I do not know a worker who did not have HE prior to BOC so no real impact on the few(about 200 people)...I usually don't like to draw broad generalizations from a 200 sample, and this is an example....If most of the people I knew were being forced into buying HE at 1,000 plus per month not only would their spending be cut, I'm not certain they would be able to pay their rents. I am honestly sorry as I was reacting to something I do not actually see..

        About the other thing, often the environmentalists go to far....but I am against anything which science, not pols, say will hurt us over time....I mentioned going on the science sites....I few years
        back they listed 10 things science says could destroy all life...They usual list Comet strikes, Meteor strikes, etc...About ten years ago they started adding "Enviromental Collapse"...Many believe the ocean is at a tipping point(some think we have passed it) where the ocean will go toxic by Methane and acidification where nothing will live in the sea.that will effect our living standards.. Atmosphere collapse is worse