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  • buyusamade buyusamade Dec 6, 2010 5:19 PM Flag

    Dollar Up --- VIPSX Down

    If the dollar drops this usually goes up---shouldnt it be the other way around? If investors want to get out of dollar denominated debt the dollar drops which to me suggest this should follow but it acts inverse. When rates go up, value of bonds decline and this falls--this makes sense BUT rising rates suggest inflation fears so I dont really think this should fall in price. When the Fed implements QE2 and is buying the crap out of Treasuries (just started) you would think that would make this go up (kind of similar to stock buy back announcements) but----not--- this has fallen. This should be more predictable-- as the FED crushes the dollar, based on previous action, VIPSX will go up but I can hardly believe that relationship will continue to run true. I got out at 13.55 and want to put some money back into this but cant justify it as the price swings dont make sense---What am I missing? My dimmer switch is on--please enlighten me.

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    • logic?

      the feds say 2+2= whatever they $#^$ well say it does

      The "anarchy" , the chaos we see in the government controlled financial markets is a moment away from boiling over into the streets

      WE saw a glimpse when the MSM dared to cover ACORN storming into banks and jjackson shaking down business

      Now they have the shakedown artist of the year in the WH ( do they give a grammy for that? they gave a Nobel Peace prize for it)

      there is no advice in that just a rant

      good luck to ya

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