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  • grnstock grnstock Jun 12, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    long term holders: Should I buy more or dump this fund

    TIP funds have been hit hard these couple of months. Stock market is at its all time high. What do you think? Buy more of this fund or cash it all out? I fear all the asset are inflated and this fund might have more down side to go. Please share your thoughts. TIA

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    • Bond funds had a great run in price appreciation while rates were going down, that will reverse when rates begin to normalize and any increase in yield will not compensate for the coming price depreciation. I'm almost all out of my bond funds and have saved a bundle over the past month. I will buy in slowly after the carnage when QE ends.

    • Wait awhile before buying. Its going to be be in this down trend for awhile and then sideways. When its established a sideways path, then buy. As it is now there's not anything happening thats all of a sudden going to make it go up, that's for sure.

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