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  • ByHiHelow ByHiHelow Jun 30, 1998 7:47 PM Flag

    WOW $2 spike on the close!!!!

    120,000shr buy

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    • Yesterday Paul Rabbitt of was on CNBC. Sees increased focus on earnings
      Gave FII a STRONG BUY

    • Training for over a year? That is absolutely
      ludicrous!!! Why #1, would you have to train someone for 12
      months to fill a position? Federated heavily recruits at
      CMU, Duquesne and PiTT. Training is done internally
      for approx 90 days and if the end result isnt
      favorable for FII then that person gets the axe. I know of
      no company this is willing to spend the money/time
      on training for a year, that's what school is for
      and also experience in business.
      An all-time high
      for the stock, I would have to say its about time
      after 2 years....

    • I Have a quick question for "theirfamilyfirst"
      why would the aquiring company shake up management if
      the current management has poosted record earnings
      the last bunch of quarters? I also know that they
      train their employees for over a year. The product that
      they are selling is far from mediocre and if it was
      mediocre why is the stock at an all-time high?

    • Came in at 42 cents vs 36 cent street consensus.
      Merrill raised estimates this morning to $1.75 for 2000
      and $2.10 for 2001 (old numbers were $1.65 and $1.95
      respectively). Merrill's new price target is $31/share. This
      earnings release and other analyst earnings upgrades
      should be the catalyst to move the stock near term.

      Especially interesting, and important, equity-related
      revenues totaled 34 % of revenues, the first time ever
      exceeding money market revs.

    • This company made its name by gathering assets in
      fixed income & money market accounts. Until recently,
      their equity funds were less than spectacular. However,
      they are improving quickly. They have several funds
      which rank at or near the top of their peer group. It's
      nothing like Fidelity, but they are consciously making
      improvements. That's enough for me to keep the faith.

    • you must have been an employee too. The
      description of the "sales force" and the "training" is right
      on the money. I too have first hand knowledge of
      this company and it is run in a very odd fashion. You
      should see the turnover of the "sales force"!

    • sounds like a former employee - but your are
      right on - if they sold, acquiring company would
      quickly shake up management - and family members would be
      unemployed - not that any of them have to work - have you
      ever heard of a marketing company where the salesman
      are not paid on commission - they hire young kids out
      of college, train them for a month, give them a car
      and territory, and send them out, brainwashed that
      the donahue family has given them the opportunity of
      a lifetime - but the product they have do sell is
      mediocre at best - no equity capabilkities whatsover - do
      you realize at one time in the late eighties,
      Federated was bigger that Fidelity - but the same
      management that run the company now did not want to pay
      people to build an equity fund presence - so they stuck
      with the same old stuff

    • I am from Pittsburgh and know way more than i
      would like to about this company. It is a family
      company that issued worthless stock for one reason,,,,to
      pay off retirements and options. If you were sitting
      on $443 million, would you give anyone control of
      your company? The cash from the buy back certainly is
      not being put back in the company, at least not
      towards compensation. The FAMLIY controls this stock.
      Look at sales for 1999 and see how they have fallen. I
      got sucked into $19 for worthless, non-voting stock

    • I am an employee of the firm with access to that information.

    • The date was may 14, 1998.

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