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  • faridjoo faridjoo Jul 14, 1998 2:22 AM Flag

    Have you noticed...

    The companies have such a nice growth before they
    go public, but as soon as they go public the
    earnings drop. Look at
    for the last 5 quarters, .10, .11, .19, .20, .25, but
    this quarter estimate is at .23. Isn't that why this
    company sucks or better say, we are loosing money.

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    • you are a little weenie!!!! for I know because I'm Dirk Diggler and your not!!!!

    • By the time this stock grows I will be six feet
      under, unfortunately for you I plan on living at least
      60 more years. Sounds to me like you have
      physcological problems. I'm out of here for good. Off to find a
      more mature audience, like my 3 year old child.

    • That's for you, Brent...your life isn't gonna be
      worth much if you're six feet under and makin' minimum
      wage!!! I love this stock and this company. And while
      there ARE other companies out there to invest in, this
      is a solid, local company run by good people. The
      only anger I have is the fact that you have nothing
      better to do but scream and whine like a cat, when
      somone grabs it and runs its nuts across a
      cheese-grater. Sick huh?? You better watch where you are
      steppin' and who you are insulting. If you don't own the
      stock, stay off the board (i.e. Weren't you taught if
      you don't have anything nice to say...don't say
      anything at all?) I will remember you when this stock
      commences its growth cycle...I WILL remember
      man's fun is another's h*ll!!!

    • Say anything you want about salaries, people
      being a dork, whatever. Pissed off people on a message
      board are only pissed at making a bad investment. You
      should help FII and invest your money in one of their
      equity funds instead of pissing and moaning that your
      losing and will continue to lose your money with this
      stock. Grow Up mc lemmy, my salary is worth ten times
      your life.

    • Some factual information on Federated...they made
      a great investment decision getting rid of this
      Brent guy. Glad to hear you are making three times the
      minimum wage, now Brent...$15/hour is pretty good cash
      for a low life like yourself. Besides, isn't hoarding
      your old security card a violation of security policy
      for FII?!? They should lock you up anyway for being
      such a dork!! It is always easy for old employees to
      point the finger at former employers...just like
      ODonnell and Lloyd!!

      PS - Who cares if it is
      non-voting stock...what the h*ll are you gonna be voting on
      in a family-run business, idiot-boy!!

    • If you'd like I'll send you my old ID card. I
      left Federated on very good terms and tripled my
      annual income, I'm just sharing factual information. I
      guess the truth hurts people who make bad investments.
      Good Luck

    • You are either a digrunteled former employee, or a liar for saying you worked there. Better yet you're probably both!!!!And your words mean nada here.

    • Two things: First I'm not an owner of this stock.
      Second I'm not comparing Federated to anybody, except to
      say that public mutual fund companies are able to
      purchase their company stock in their portfolios. I am a
      financial analyst and a former employee of Federated
      Investors. I've read the prospectus, as have my associates.
      We all feel the same, this NON-VOTING stock is going
      nowhere. I think Federated is a great company and I gained
      valuble experience by being there, but the fact is it
      doesn't have the type of products that will increase its
      earnings on a consistent basis (mainly equities funds). If
      you don't agree thats fine, but do everyone a favor
      and keep your juvenile comments to yourself. Why
      would I go to Three Rivers when the Steelers and
      Pirates stink anyway?

    • Brent...wake up!! Dreyfus is a completely
      differnt issue. You can't compare apples to oranges. If
      you don't like this stock, get the h*ll out!! Same
      goes for all you other w*ssies that are just cranky
      and ticked off because you dove into this stock and
      lost money. This stock is not an overnight sensation.
      I wouldn't expect it in the 50's anytime soon.
      However, if your looking for a nice long-term stock with
      stabile growth, then this is a good stock for you. That
      is why analyst give it a strong buy. If you thought
      you could buy at 19 and sell at 28 this year...then
      you are the real idiots. It is stupid investors like
      that, which 'cause the market to act in goofy ways.
      Find something else to do with your time than ridicule
      a good, family owned company that has a long-term
      perspective...go spank your monkey in the men's room at Three

    • Get real, these are very conservative money
      managers, they're not going to trade in their own stock. As
      I said, it could be a conflict of interest. I NEVER
      The point being, why risk any insider trading
      conflicts, which in fact, the last time I checked was still

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