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  • highseas123 highseas123 Sep 19, 2008 3:55 AM Flag

    GOVERNMENT is here to save the ECONOMY, NOT your share value!!

    The rescue plan is good news for the economy. I'm not so sure that it is good for individual shareholders of companies like MS. Look at Bear Stearns, AIG.

    I would look for a bounce and get out while the getting out is still good--on the assumption that there will be a bounce, of course.

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    • Just like market rallyed the day FNM and FRE were reduced to pennies, so too market will rally while MS, GS and many others are reduced to much lower share prices. I can't understand why MS is so bullish right now.

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      • You guys just don't get it. You think this plan is the same deal as FRE/FNM or AIG. It's NOT! It's an 800B fund to off load bad debt from the banks. The Gov't isn't interested in taking on more ownership of public companies. They just want to take the debt off their balance sheets so they can function and begin lending to start the housing recovery and keep our economy growing. They are buying their debt, not the company or getting shares in return. Get it??? If not, just sit on the sidelines the next few days and watch. Then later you can kick yourself as you see these stock run up with no ability to short and bad debt being written off their books. Trillions of dollars sitting on the sidelines right now and MS and GS the only two solid investment bankers left. Spoils go to the survivors!!!

    • Get a clue, shortie. Remember how FRE and FNM had huge run ups when we had the shorting ban???? Now we have a shorting band AND we have a plan to remove the toxic debt off the balance sheets of banks like MS. This stock and other bank stocks are going to soar. No bankruptcy, no stock holder dilution. The Fed is going to free the financial system of the "toxic" debts with an 800 billion fund!!!! Just like they did in the 80's with S&L (that costed about $500B). The market has lost trillions in the last few days with all this panic nonsense.

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