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  • tgtisgoingupupup tgtisgoingupupup Sep 25, 2008 5:12 PM Flag

    You suckers got too greedy.

    You shouldn't still be holding this pos.

    Risk/Reward all wrong.

    You want to profit off of robbing taxpayers without recourse.

    Well then F$6# You!

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    • Not to mention, none of the CEO of these investment banks came out to apologize even when prompted by CNBC. So stuck up. They need our bailout, but they won't offer to share upside or pay cut for themselves. Shameless pigs of wall street. And look at Paulson, he wants to protect wall street too.

    • That is what is killing the greedy little pigs. At the end of the day----all the lies will be exposed for what it is! Also, the flight of hedge funds which I also mentioned in past posts will crush MS earnings the next quarter that is for sure! Those still holding on to hope are in deep trouble as the losses mount again. The buyers today might be in for a surprise tomorrow after bidding up the share prices once again!

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