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  • johnnyinphilly29 johnnyinphilly29 Oct 10, 2008 8:53 AM Flag

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    frankly it makes me sick when I read the immaturity of some of the people on this board. Are you 12? Seriously. Morgan Stanley, for all of the greed you can point their way has been a good, solid firm, who employess tens of thousands of people. I am in the business and today on my way to work I almost threw up because I might even lose my house. I might lose everything and I have 3 children and a wife to support and people on here laugh and ridicule each other because they might be losing money in MS. Furthermore, what i dont understand is mayeb a short on here makes money, maybe even a good bit of money on their short position - sure thats fine, we are all in this to make a profit and live a better life but folks dont you understand that this financial system is not about making money anymore? Make a proft and push this company down causing more stress but the more you do this, the closer this whole system gets to completely collapsing because there is a point where the celing will be too heavy even for the FED. Golbal recession is already in you realize how many of you shorts are going to be part of a downsize, or how your brother or Father or son will be part of a downsize? What some of you are doing at this point will only hurt you in the end. If you dont want to see the bigegr picture, and merely look out for yourself at this point then thats fine but you dont have to laugh like this is funny because it is far from funny. Every day I drive to work with pain in my heart and mind that I never have felt and I am about to break down.......frankly and I am not joking if I knew who some of you were I might just buy a gun and shoot you

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