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  • indexplus2001 indexplus2001 Oct 18, 2008 5:39 PM Flag

    Obama means Dow 16K and MS at 2.

    He will take care of the fat cats so the money flows into the real industries.

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    • How can any candidate say 95% of all Americans will get a tax break when 38% don't pay any taxes at all? Are you people on crack?

      The well educated, eneterprising, self-motivated, successful person making over 250k a year, didn't get successful from goverment handouts. They worked their asses off and sacrificed to become successful people in society. Why should they have to give up prosperity so some lazy, welfare garnering, do-nothing, handout accepting ghetto rat can have an"easier life"?
      This isn't about Obama or McCain, its about poverty,race andhow much of an obligation do the wealthy have in supporting the poor.
      The party lines are easily understood: the Dems want bigger goverment and more social programs to support the "nonworking class" and the Repubs want smaller goverment with the burden of poverty being on the people, not the government. Let's face it, survival of any species is dependent on the species willingness to work for its food, protection and a mate. No animal sat around waiting for its dinner to be delivered by the bigger, better and badder beast. The weak ones die off by attrition.

      Screw the spread the wealth concept, leave that for Nirvana, I say spread the money saved by cutting our government down to half size, eliminating pork barrel waste, term limits for all elected officials, and free enterprise for all. And if we have any time left after that, seal the borders and pay the aliens whatever we pay the chinese and keep the jobs back home.

      My name is ONEMANARMY and I endorse this message

    • Wow!! You people make me laugh.. To think that "you" actually think either one of these two idiots are going to do anything besides take our country into deeper waters is beyond me.. We have been listening to Washingtons bull*#&% for so many years that "you" now except it.. We need a total revolt in this country to straighten it out not another Senator "from" the neighborhood you call Wash..

    • midest oil,product made in china, what left for American? fanicil jobs? American have nothing. the great communist china and the great china coomunistlead love republic,love Maccain, love freetrade. thegreat china communist party will get control the usa with the republic

    • The market will not be near 15k for a LONG LONG time if ever. The only reason it went that high was due to misuse of money.. The bullish market for the past 10 years was a fake as the banks opened up the purse strings with no remorse.

      The days of credit is over! Unless you have a good credit rating you won't get anything, uncluding businesses. If you can't run a profitable enterprise you will be toast. No more freebee's.

    • What people have not mentioned is that an Obama victory will make sure that the fat cat CEOs of Wall Street----will pay more taxes under him. Considering that the taxpayers shelled out $700 billion to save the greedy Wall Street CEOs then, it is but fair that they pay more taxes on their very huge handout from the taxpayers. And those who made enormous profits from the market manipulation engaged in by the Federal Reserve deserve to pay much, much higher taxes too! Call that "karma".

    • guess u like subsidies and free rides, u must be one of the poor effers he wants to "share the wealth" with. what he does not tell u is you will only save $20 on your taxes.

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