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  • firstcltrlvr firstcltrlvr Nov 30, 2008 8:06 AM Flag

    Princess_P: The board is lucky to have you

    Most posts here are empty with facts to back up their very vague posts. You do a considerable amount of DD before posting. I pretty much, over 90% of the time read only your posts. Crossing the 20MDA was the first baby step of what I suspect will be more steps to follow. I'm watching the 50MDA, which looks to be around $18, if we can breach that, I believe we're off to the $20's.Thanks again!

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    • MS is a BULL and the sentiment is bullish so this is not a sell but a buy and hold. The potential for 25% daily volatility is now figured into the prices so buy on the dips and hold. The lack of volume may be that the stop-loss orders are so wide that many bulls do not have to get back in after getting shorted. This is one stock that is going to be above $25 before February and that's a very realistic expectation.

      All the bad news is out and except for dismal retail sector reports we won't hear much more bad news. This is turning into a BULL MARKET so accumulate MS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trading really isn't about having fun.

      It's about making money while preserving capital.

    • princess_pompous_assss princess_pompous_assss Nov 30, 2008 11:56 PM Flag

      I will agree that greater risk often involves greater reward potential.

      What's the biggest wave you ever surfed?

      A bigger one would be even more 'fun' right:

      But only if you are skilled and fortunate enough to survive it.

      Otherwise it's not much fun.

      There is such a thing as risk management.

      It would behoove you to learn more about it.

    • .....We ALL take risks, dodn't we?

      .....If this line of business wasn't inherently "risky", EVERYONE WOULD BE DOING WHAT WE DO.

      .....Like I said in an earlier post, surfing is EXTREMELY RISKY yet it doesn't keep me from going surfing because it is FUN.

      .....And ALL "fun stuff" has an element of risk. The more risk, usually the more fun.

      .....Wouldn't you agree?

    • Yup! Every village needs its idiot. Welcome to the game Princess!

    • You may be onto something there except that I'm not seeing any real confirmation. There should be BOTH an upward slope to the neckline in a reverse H&S as opposed to a downward slope normally, and progressively lower volume with each trough as opposed to progressively lower volume with each peak normally.

      Volume confirmation appears to be there but the slope is not.

      Unless you see some really BIG volume on a breakout above the neckline it probably isn't very meaningful in my opinion.

    • it may look nutty but I'm looking at a breakout last Tuesday on an inverse Head and Shoulder. The neckline defined by 9-19 and 11-5. Unorthodox but if its real MS could hit 30.

    • Look for the 20 to cross the 50 at around $17.50.

      That would be a much stronger technical buy signal and would quite probably propel the stock past any resistance at $20 and fulfill your dream of the stock returning to the 20s.

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      • For what it's worth. Joe Teranova of "Fast Money" said Friday, the first couple days of this coming week could set the tone for the rest of the month, stating the trend is your friend theory, and we could see a rally lasting several weeks, I believe you posted somewhat the same in that the market could even see a parabolic move upwards, that would be a nice Christmas, all the pieces of the puzzle have to come together. Watch CNBC pumping the better than expected Thanksgiving weekend, better than expected sales, to try to keep the rally going.Thanks for the $17.50 50MDA level, I knew it was close to $18, I believe if we can get to the 50MDA, we'll see the shorts heading for the exits.

    • Thanks, I'm glad there are a few here who appreciate what I am doing.

      My previous post on TA was referring more to the indices than MS specifically but here is a brief and very simple yet meaningful TA of MS.

      Take a look at a 30 day chart with a 10 and 20 EMA.

      Something very significant happened on Friday even though the stock closed up just 25 cents.

      The 10 crossed the 20!

      This is a near term technical buy signal and I would like to suggest to you all that as long as the stock can close with the 10 over the 20 it will remain a technical buy even in this bear market IMHO.

      On the other hand if the stock were to close with the 10 crossing back below the 20 it would be a sell signal.

      So this current level is very significant for anyone focused on near term trading with an emphasis on capital preservation. For those with faith in management and fundamentals with a greater time horizon and risk tolerance my advice is to do your own DD and certainly you should take anything anyone on a message board says with a grain of salt.

      Remember, nobody will ever care as much about your money as you do.

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