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  • scc3610 scc3610 Apr 26, 2012 1:28 PM Flag

    MS possible close 17.50

    Those hedge funds and investors who don't like dividend will buy today until the close.

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    • You really are dumb aren't you rielaa?

      I have business throughout Europe. But thanks for telling me where I travel.
      fyi, I use France as a base and travel to Italy, Spain and have been to Greece recently too.

      What dumbchits like you don't get from reading the Wall Street Journal is that Greece and Spain never had bustling economies. Their economies are based on internal consumption and tourism not exports. They look the same as they have for the last 100 years. Nothing has changed!!!

      Italy, France are also bustling, there are no issues there. The latest report about the housing bubble is a joke. Most europeans don't buy homes, they have been owned by the same families for many years and they don't get in debt like the US. It's a completely different mentality.

      As far as Greece and Spain, Europeans are well aware of what is going on there and those countries are making the necessary adjustments. Like I said, their economies are the same as they've always been. there has never been a lot of construction in Greece and Spain. but you would know this if you had ever left your cardboard box.

      But you go ahead and keep reading the wall street journal from that cardboard box you live in under the turnpike.

    • more likely close 16.95

35.83+0.21(+0.59%)Mar 27 4:05 PMEDT