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  • scc3610 scc3610 Dec 7, 2012 8:47 AM Flag

    REMEMBER DECEMBER 7,1941???????????????? PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII??????????????????

    Japanese don't repent for their atrosity and invasion. They change their history and deny all those crimes. It's all because of McArthur's and president Truman's wish to have the Japanese to stand against Russia for the US at that time. They didn't get occupied by US, Uk, and Russia like the Germans got. McArthur, due to his friendship with some Japanese West Point classmates, opposed to bring down the Mikado system. Thus, Japanese didn't get punished and don't repent.

    Japanese sumerai spirit is to bow to the strong yet be relentless and merciless to the weak.

    Now they built back all their army and try to divert the world's attention to say that China is the
    future threat of the world. Well, Chinese don't invade but Japnese invaded and now they invade by
    economic activities and measures.

    Who is the real future threat of the world ? We should have a clear answer now or later.

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