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  • baintally baintally Sep 27, 2000 7:07 PM Flag

    why do you think it is tax loss selling

    I could understand it in December, but not now.
    Please explain.

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    • because people are trying to beat the rest of the
      tax sellers - thus hoping to get a higher price and
      get the 30 days gone so they can rebuy in when
      everyone else is tax loss selling. this seems to be
      happening earlier and earlier every year. it is also
      getting more and more spread out over a longer time
      frame. right now the mutual funds are probably dumping
      the under performers and the stocks that people don't
      want to see in "their" funds porfolio. instead of re
      distributing this money they are just stock piling it. doesn't
      look to bad to be 20% in cash when the market is down
      for the year. last year when it was up 20% in cash
      would have lost you your job. mutual funds don't care
      about tax losses or 30 days they are mostly concerned
      about what stock names are in their portfolios. if lbrt
      keep hitting their numbers they will buy either back
      in or in for the first time since they have 90 days
      to redistribute their accounts as they see fit after
      this report time.