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  • shaftesbury3 shaftesbury3 Jun 7, 2013 6:13 PM Flag

    Board now available

    Nice to see. Comments anyone?

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    • Shafts, nice to see you're still around. How long has it been since we've had a Stellar board? Sitting on about 90k shares at around .33 cents. Hit a grand slam in CLDX. Bought a bunch at around the $2.40-$4.00 range over a year and a half ago. Now sitting at $15.38 as of today. Been selling off some into the run up and trading the dips. Have about 3000 shares left. Bought big into CRIS on a recent dip below $3.00 and still holding most of my shares, and rebought a bunch of POZN recently that I sold off on it's run to $8 last year. As for TBUFF, we've had some big increases in sales over the past two quarters, but sure would like to see a partnership or some extra good news on the Cambia front to get us moving again. The one big, big positive with TBUFF that's keeping me on board is that insiders own about 50% of the float. I'm hoping with that much skin in the game that they'll be doing everything they can to get the stock price moving up soon.

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      • Stock, what do you think about the recent flurry? I sold about 25% of my TBUFF at .65-.66 as the price and pumping began to taper off. Hopefully we will have a new floor in the .50s instead of .30s. The Q2 earnings were just ok -- I was hoping for better, but the 50% growth in presecriptions Q-over_Q is a good sign. They have cash, and more available if they need it. Now they just need those revenues to continue to accelerate. I still wish they would do conference calls after earnings!!

      • Hey, Stock! I figured you were still in and would notice at some point that the live board returned. Congrats on your gains. Very nice! I have not been active, too much to do in life. (I should probably stick with mutual funds, and have plenty because I'm close to retirement if I'm so inclined, but they are dang boring.) I agree with everything you said about Stallar/Tribute. The insider ownership means they are motivated, for sure. I do confess to some concern about the burn rate and whether sales will ramp fast enough to keep the co. out of trouble or dilution. I mean, they have had to raise a lot of dough to pay for the sales effort. I wish they would do conference calls after earnings announcements to provide some insight about such things.

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