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  • alta10bc alta10bc Dec 30, 2010 5:02 PM Flag


    ...The individual who wrote the article on "Free Money Dividends" kinda got off track and some what of a tangent! Granted there may be a few investors that think this way but very few I'm sure.

    ...Investors that invest for dividends are well aware of the name of the game, however some still buy to capture the dividend. That is what should be done, but buying at the correct time is the key. Buying post x-day will usually get the best price for next the next dividend!

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    • kevin_launius Jan 4, 2011 9:07 PM Flag

      did they mention that the dividend also purchases you more shares(called dividend reinvestment

      so if you had 1000 shares and got .50 per share dividend

      the stock drops to 9.50 form 10.00

      so you would take 1000 x .50 = 500.00 divided by 9.50 = 52.6 more shares of the stock

      so therefore free money

      just remember dividend reinvestment is the biggest GROWTH to your porfolio. can't find the article but it's somewhere around 72% of your growth comes from dividend reinvetment

      have a nice day

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