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  • wootangclanage wootangclanage Mar 9, 2012 2:35 PM Flag

    This stock is a turd. WTF.

    I've been holding this turd since last July, It is still way under what I paid for it. I bought it right before that stupid self inflicted wound. where the US got it's rating cut. It has dipped really low, and returned some. I bought it at over 11.65. Which was dumb... Since, they have issued more shares, etc. That only dilutes the value of my shares right? Does anyone see this thing ever getting back to 11.65, and if it does, should I sell it all then? I'm ready to get the heck out of this stock. And be happy to break even and have earned the dividend. I don't see it going up, overall. I see the dividend getting smaller, the stock getting more diluted over time, and if something big crisis happens. This thing falls like a rock. I would not rec buying this turd.

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    • Hate to stir this nest of stock experts, but oh well, here goes. I believe it is time to be "Stocking" up on this stock.

    • Cannot worry about what Isarel may or may not do any more, most of my stocks are very solid and will produce income no matter what, holding a few oil stocks and some GLD/SLV plus a few techs just in case. Still have much DRY powder...

      Only down 0.33% today..

      Watching for buying opportunities...

      FSC will be a great buy if it drops closer to $9 or below...therefore I had not bought it in large quantity yet...still waiting...

      If market tanks, every single BDC will tank...I was surprised to see PSEC stayed so firm....amazing... wait till after its ex-div date, it usually lost at least 2-3 times its dividend...I still believe it is overpriced though...

      Tempted to buy some AINV if it continues to drop...

    • Actually the days trading range was 9.80 to 9.96

      You take the closing price the day before it goes X and add on the dividend. At the close of the next day you subtract the closing price.

      Example: Stock closes the day before it goes X at 10.00 the dividend is 10 cents. you add that together for a total of 10.10

      The next day the stock is trading X dividend and you expect it to drop the amount of the dividend or 10 cents to adjust for the dividend. If it closed at 9.90 that would cover the 10 cent dividend with no real change in stock price.

      If the stock price fell to 9.80 you would lose 10 cents for the day and if the stock traded up 10 cents at you would gain 20 cents for the day.

    • people selling cause of ex dividend date?

    • Sounds as though your base price will be around 10.50 as of this coming July, and will provide a good point to ease out.

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      • Well. The entire market is running up today, and this thing goes down. I mean. i'm not only basing the fact that I made a bad decision on buying at it's high. I mean who knew the US government was going to take a shotgun to their own foot? metaphor. Anyway. Thanks for the advice. I'm just afraid that if I hold on too long, the market may crash again. I'll prolly sell out half of what I hold at 10.50 at a loss. Do you think this is a good idea? Or do you think this stock is safe to hold for 5 years or so? I don't really see much change as far as what caused the previous collapse.

    • mikemclaug Mar 9, 2012 6:28 PM Flag

      Just because you overpaid (near its high) doesn't make this company a turd. Revenue/earnings/dividend are ok; not much growth but certainly stable.
      All companies fluctuate in price (look at the 52 week high and low) never chase one, wait for a decent price; thats the difference between a winner and looser

    • You only lose when you sell. Consider the money an investment and pick up the dividends. Average down on buys.
      Unless you've big bucks, you need to do some research. Research is not listening to strangers on these boards. Research is years of work. Don't use a broker who believes in the supernatural. They only have faith in their commissions.
      Use your gut. Be a contrarian. Get out of the way the next time the herd heads for the exits.
      Don't listen to the guy on the next barstool. He is there for a reason.
      When you run out of money to count, write some poetry. It'll take the edge off.

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