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  • thewisejman thewisejman Mar 16, 2012 10:59 AM Flag

    BUY Alerts

    TICC, secondary offering of 4.25M shares at 9.96, dropped to as low as 9.94 today, currently traded at around 10.05, ex-div is next Monday, 3/19.

    CXS will be a good buy at 11 or lower, it has one of the highest overall ratings for a REIT. Current yield is 12.53%, to me it is better and "safer" than most REITs and most BDCs at this price level.

    The current MARKET is like a CHICKEN without a head, waiting for any NEWs to determine which way it will go....

    Really messed up...

    Anybody has any good buys today?

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    • "Anybody has any good buys today?"
      Time will tell if it's a good buy, but I have been buying HTGC. They are based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Seven of their equity investments have filed for IPOs; one of which is Facebook which they acquired 307,500 shares at an average price of $31.08 in the secondary market.
      Recently upped their dividend and the insiders have been buying.
      I bought HTGC in three of my accounts.I don't have much dry powder but I have a bid in on FSC

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      • Thanks for the head up on HTGC which used to be a favorite of mine and then I lost interest on it. It was interested to hear about its including Face Book in its portfolio and it can go both way, depending on how FaceBook will do. However, with a NAV of around 10.11 and it was traded at around 10.61 with a yield of only 8.67% with a Debt/Equity ratio of around 0.71 which is higher than other BDCs, I am not sure I want to buy and hold it at its current price. I believe it may drop closer to or below $10 in the next six months. I believe at around 9.55-9.65, it would be a very good entry price and I would keep an eye on it. GLTU and again thanks for sharing your idea with us.


    • It was almost like people were selling off their stocks including even PS ETFs, such as FFC, FLC, HPF, HPS, PDT, PFD dropped significantly (for this type of ETFs) though today was not even their ex-div dates and made you wonder what was going on...quite worrisome but a big buying opportunity will come pretty soon... with all my BUY orders ready to pounce at the right opportunity...

      FSC will not be exempt and I am trying to buy back some at the 9.73 price range...Also have my eye on RSO...

      Tried to buy some CHI but it refused to drop. WEA kept tanking but was still selling with a HIGH premium...

    • Tough market to trade. Losing steam.

    • Good buys....Hummmm

      I bought 1500 SMDD @ 11.45 and bought back my ARR for 7 cents less.

      Don't know if the ARR buy was good but you never know.

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      • You must believe the market will tank pretty soon, buying more SMDD today..but when though? (I believe as early as March 21...or around mid April...)

        The problem with SMDD or any bull index ETFs 2x or 3x is that sooner or later they will have a value of zero...

        I wonder if we can keep shorting them because in the LT you will make money for sure....

        Timing is everything...and it is impossible to time the market. I do not like ARR for LT although the almost 18% yield, I admit, was very tempting. I rather hold either CXS or PMT for the LT though, or even AGNC or MTGE...

        I read several blogs last night and almost each of them came to the same conclusion:

        (1) Israel's attack on Iran is almost innevitable;

        (2) If that happens, OIL price will fly;

        (3) Continued rise in gas price will ruin our recovery.

        (4) Many insiders were now selling (like RSO?).

        Is this market now a sucker's market?

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