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  • thewisejman thewisejman Apr 1, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    Is it almost time

    for a major market correction?

    On around 10/1/07, the DOW had almost reached its high of 13930, then dropped and rose, then from 4/1/08, April Fool's day, it started dropping from 13010 to its low of around 7034 on 2/1/09. Today, DOW was around 14544, which had exceeded its previous 2007 HIGH. The question is: how much higher can it go before there is a correction?

    Many said that Sequster will barley make a dent on our economy. I am absolutley not convinced. Starting today, April 1, many federal empolyees would started furloghing, about 750k jobs will be lost and many of them will lose 1 day's pay out of one week. Don't tell me that it will not impact our economy because it definitely will. As soon as people start reducing spending, it will impact the mood of many others. For some, the reconvery does continue, for others, the recession just starts. It is a very messed up economy, we may end up like Japan - with no growty or anemic growth for a long long time.

    Therefor, I am reviewing my complete portfolio and slim it down, not keeping anything that does not produce a dividend and anything that are overly risky. It is not time to take unnecessary risk.

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