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  • waynesonnen waynesonnen May 2, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

    OT: IVR

    I just sold 1/3 position in IVR today. I'm okay with holding all of 1000 shares, but today's conference confirmed that I need to lighten up on some mREITs. They basically stated that their dividend will drop a little; I'm thinking 60 cents from 65 cents.

    Still holding full positions in MTGE and TWO; these are the best managed mREITs that I follow. Just full disclosure here...

    In case people do now own NCT or NRF: (1) NRF increased its dividend again, and I do expect to see another offering. The company is on a role. (2) NCT will distribute its NRZ soon. I also expect to see offerings on both NCT and NRZ; if you get NRZ at a good price, I recommend getting some.

    I'll be moving some money into LINE and VNR. Maybe tomorrow's job numbers will drop the prices enough for me. VNR near $27 and LINE near $37 is good enough for me.

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    • I've been stalking LINE just like you. Holders at tomorrow's close get the div as it goes x-div on Monday, the 6th. That may keep it from falling, seems to have helped support it the last several days. Still watching though. Might be a better buy after the X date.


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      • Kel,

        I'd holding off on getting LINE until the end of May. They recently did an acquisition for Berry in an all stock purchase. The owners of Berry may be selling their shares for quick profits. The number of shares is not small and selling could create significant downward pressure.

        As for VNR: I'll wait for tomorrow's job numbers.

    • Hi, Wayne: Much thanks for your head up, I was trying to add some at its daily low price but no luck yet. I only have 100 shares of it right now. LOL I started to accumulate good floating rate CEFs because by 2015, interest will rise. J

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      • Nobody knows when rates will rise. There were speculating that back in 2008 when TARP was implemented to bail-out large banks and other companies. That was nearly five years ago now.

        IVR is okay, but TWO and MTGE are much better. NRF has upside, but I'd wait for the next offering. NRZ could also be something to get on an offering; that should start trading about May 15. I'm already too heavy in REITs (MTGE, TWO, RSO, NRF, NCT and still have some IVR). Going forward, I plan to simply hold -- pending something does not happen to force me to sell.

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