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  • hpsportsfanatic hpsportsfanatic Aug 15, 2013 7:21 PM Flag

    New to the board and stock

    Young investor, started just 2 years ago (age 18). I recently sold my RSO and now am looking into this stock. Opinions of it as I do my research?

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    • You have the great timing in getting rid of RSO. I also sold mine for a small loss and am glad I did it before it tanks further. Some time knowing when to sell to cut loss is almost as important as when to sell to take profit. Buy and Hold will no longer work in the current market unless done it by somebody like it who are young enough to hold.

      I normally would not recommend any new investors to buy any short ETFs, but if you currently have a lot of longs and you are reluctant to part with them, you do need to buy some protection. If for some reasons, the DOW will rise 150 points in any single day in the next two months, consider buy some DXD in an amount that equals to about 10-20% of your longs and just let it sit there until you can reap a great profit. Now be very careful because in long term all short ETFs go down to zero.

    • Buy & hold. Accumulate more on dips.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I have about 40 years of investment experience. Been through many ups and downs, many successes and some total failures. Have made as much as 10 X my money and some losses of 100% too.

      I think the best long term concept in the market is to hold dividend growth stocks. Look at something like VIG (a Vanguard dividend growth ETF). Look at how the stock has done and how the dividend has grown (Yahoo Finance History) over the last several years. This ETF has super low fees in the area of 1/10 th of 1%. This is lower than almost all other ETFs, and probably lower than any mutual fund out there. Nothing in it for me, just look for yourself.


    • Welcome. It is good to start investing young. My son-in-law had his first ROTH IRA at 16 yrs old when he worked at McDonald. His grandpa taught him how to invest. I believe he and my dauhter will become millionaries before they turn 40 since both are pharmacists. You need to establish your own investment goals first, then develope investment strategies that will help meet your goals. Study as much as you can about what you invest and do not trust other people when concerning your money because nobody will care about your money as much as you yourself. U should invest in what u know. J

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