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  • ibm604 ibm604 Jan 13, 2006 10:38 PM Flag

    ETRADE sevice non-existent

    I have been trying to get my money for two days now.
    Numerous phone calls, voice mail, email and faxes all to no avail.


    Are all electronic brokers this bad?

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    • I tried to warn all the E*Trade customers that this was going to happen, way back in October 2005, when E*Trade summarily fired their longtime CIO, Josh Levine. This firing took place right in the midst of the Harris and Brown acquisitions. Did E*Trade announce the departure of Levine? just quietly dropped his name & bio from the corporate website without comment in October 2005.

      The morons on this board (yes, I guess that is redundant) first claimed that I was lying, made various puerile comments and then when they found out I was right, they said it didn't matter, "Technology People Are All The Same".

      The clown E*Trade quietly replaced Levine with as CIO was some no-name bozo called Gregory Framky, who no one has ever heard of and has probably never led the conversion of anything more technical than a toaster oven. Because all tech people are the same, you can just replace one CIO with another and nothing will change, right?

      Well, I'll let E*Trade's pratfalls and comical slapstick conversion attempts of the last week speak for themselves. I'll just note that Levine led several major technology conversions during his years at ET (including converting the backoffice to ADP last year) and yes, there were hiccups, but nothing like the hilarious meltdowns we all got to enjoy last week.

      And these idiots haven't even tried to convert Brown & Co., yet, have they? Hang on kiddies, the fun is just getting started!!!

    • I tried to open an account with $250K at Etrade and they fumbled it so badly that i gave up. i sold my 7000 shares in ET as well. I'm now in Fidelity which is awesome...low trade price, reliable, good research, real people and offices - and better margin that you get at ET. Et is for suckers. They have decent marketing but as an investor that doesn't help you.

    • The only reason E-Trade would not respond to your request is because you happen to be a slug. Slugs are incapable of being serviced, unless you are a horny slug, --- if that be the case, I suggest you seek the services of a prostitute slug who will be more than happy to indulge all of your slimey fantasies.


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