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  • mvanilie mvanilie Dec 18, 2007 2:20 AM Flag

    can't sleep

    Someone posted that they could not sleep anymore over the share price.It appears e-trade could care less.Even though the loss is only a paper loss until you sell it is still devastating to deal with.Some people are down $20 a share.The thought of the company not recovering from this mess is a scaring thing.It is bad enough the subprime people are losing their homes because of e-trade mismanagement but it is another thing that the shareholders can also lose everything they have worked for.We all trusted e-trade and now they treat us like yesterdays news.I hope they all rot in hell for what they have done to people with the lousy management and gred that got them in this mess.

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    • How can subprime people "be losing their homes because of E-Trade mismanagement"? I missed the part where lenders pointed guns at people's heads and MADE them take out loans they couldn't afford. People need to be unstupid and take responsibility for their actions.

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      • people be unstupid and act like adults??? aw, come on, thats not the american way; i agree, most of the subprime mullets are idiots who are getting what they deserve; they probably have a super cool auto in the drive they can't afford either. dumba!s mullets going thru life pretending to be big time; we have a country full of them; screw them;how does it feel not to have any real $$$$? maybe they can ask mommy and daddy for some help;

      • Standard, You sound like such a kind soul.NOT!!! Everyone is not born with your super intelligence.The brokers were slick and painted a nice picture.A lot of first time home buyers did not know what questions to ask.Experience is a great teacher but it is ashame they are losing so much because of the greed of so many.

    • $4.44 GTC take a nap

    • Me either....Had something squirrelly happen this morn with ET, BTW have had acct with them since day 1, when we punched keys on the telephone to trade. At 7:15 CST tried to buy more QID in the AM session...order rejected...reason said trading halt, searched news, no halt, re-entered order, same result....went to my AMTD acct and got an instant fill. QID is AMEX listed ETF...could this mean ET now has a tenuous relationship with AMEX thru there new clearing house agent????

      Not in the stock now , bailed on 12/10 @4.33 with decent profit, usually don�t post, just lurk but I�d be careful here��Bernake may save CFC due to visibility but ET won�t be so lucky IMHO

    • copy these messages or page links and send to investor relations Etrade..let them know the feelings of ppl


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      • I'm sure sorry for your situation, all the worry in the world will not change anything for good or ill. I personally rode a few stocks down in the past caught up in hope, all the way from the 20's down to 4 or 5 bucks...sheesh! Like etrade they were all solid companies at the core with marquee recognition. Most of them surpassed the original share price or came back close enough to accept a dignified loss. Stay the course my friend, in 6 mo. to a year, this will all seem like a bad dream with a little luck. Speaking of dreams, get some sleep.

        The darkest hours always come before the dawn!

        Fellow long,


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