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  • __who__ __who__ Feb 7, 2008 4:35 PM Flag

    ETFC Contest: Guess for Friday Feb 8 Closing Price

    This is a daily contest where you can submit your guess as to what price E*Trade (ETFC) stock will close each day. The main purpose of this contest is to see who really has good understandings of where this stock is going. There is no prize except bragging rights. I will post this daily for a while until I get tired of it, or distracted to other things, or someone else volunteers to take over.

    Please feel free to join our contest and enter the price that you believe E*Trade will close on Friday, Feb 8, 2008

    =============== Winners for ================
    ====== Thursday, Feb 7, Closing price was $4.82 ======

    1st Place, 3 Points: midboivin ....... Guessed $4.83
    2nd Place, 2 Points: johnathanf413 ... Guessed $4.85
    3rd Place, 1 Point: oscarman917 ..... Guessed $4.78

    "The Crapper Award" goes to: dmorgan2151 who guessed $15.50


    ============= Current Rankings: =============

    midboivin ......... 3 Points
    johnathanf413 ..... 2 Points
    oscarman917 ....... 1 Point

    ================ RULES: =================

    1. The official "Closing Price" is the price that is recorded on the E*Trade website for that day and does not extend into aftermarket hours.

    2. Please post your number at the beginning of your post so that it can be read without opening that thread. If I can't read it from the main page, you might as well not post it.

    3. If you post a range, then your post would be the midpoint of that range and I have to do the math. For example, if you say "Between $5.27 and $5.29", then your entry is "$5.28". Please do me a favor, save me the trouble of doing the math, and just post a single price.

    4. You are welcome to offer any more information you want, such as your guess of highs and lows and volume or whatever. That information may help you show off if it turns out to be correct, but none of that information will be considered in this contest. The only thing that gets points is the "Closing Price".

    5. Entries must be posted by 1:00 p.m. EST on the date they apply to. Any entries posted after that time will not be considered, nor will they be carried over to the following day.

    6. Only one entry per participant please. Sorry, but you can't come back later and change your entry. And this is honor system, so please be honorable and do not use alias or other way to get additional entries.

    7. I will try to post results and initiate the next day's contest as soon as possible. That may be right after closing, but it could also be the next morning or the next week, I don't know. I do have a life, a family, and other things to do, so I will be doing this at my convenience.

    8. First place winners get 3 points, 2nd place winners get 2 points, 3rd Place winner get's 1 point, and the one who guesses farthest from closing price gets recognition as "The Crapper Award" and no points.

    9. If multiple winners have the same guess, the person who entered their guess first gets the top place and points. For example, if two people guessed the actual closing price, the one who guessed earliest gets 1st place and the one who guessed later gets 2nd place.

    10. Feel free to rate this page to help it stand out and perhaps draw more participants.


    Good luck to all and thanks for participating.


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