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  • hobojim2 hobojim2 Jul 2, 2008 11:36 PM Flag

    Prophesied 2000 years Ago

    and now we are enetering the days

    I truly (with all my heart ) believe that we (this generation) will witness the mark of the beast and the end of this dispensation

    Bible prophecy is unlike anything else....

    It is to be trusted and (when you are a christian) you are given faith and the ability to trust it

    There will be a super Terrossit event on the world stage in the near future

    Now this is just my opinion or theory

    But its what I have come to theorize

    When this event happens .......somethjing will have to be done immediately to prevent it again

    This "mark" will look like the solution and it will seem like the only right thing....the only plausible and correct thing to do. It will appear that way to christians too (ONLY THEY KNOW WHAT IT REALLY IS)

    True believers will not accept it and will be executed because of it......

    First ostrascized probably but when the antichrist becomes the one world leader they will be executed.

    Many non believers will recognize whats going on but without the help of the Holy Spirit , few will withstand the persecution and will accept the mark.

    People its right around the corner.

    Watch the entire video

    Do yourself a favor

    16He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.

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    • i too have become firmly convinced over the last 2-3 yrs that we are all living in end times; certainly not comforting to me but its downright uncanny to me some of what's been prophesied in the bible and what we see going on. i also have been troubled by how to know what is the right path to God, i.e. catholic, muslim, jew, etc. we get to be educated and contemplative about it but what about an illiterate, poor arab? what are the chances they're going to embrace Christ?

      i don't know, its a question for which there is no answer. all i do know is this: find out for yourself. pray to your "god" figure, ask for clarity and truth. be open minded. stay after this. i think you'll be shocked, absolutely shocked, at what you find.

      for me, the bible and the Christ story is the only source of hope and the only way that makes any sense. i'm lucky, i get to read about other ways and think about them and i'm not sure what to do about others who don't, but you owe it to yourself to search out the truth with an open mind for yourself, unclouded by what any "christian" says. the bible is the place to start. the longer and more the i get into this, the more sense it makes. i'm just not pompous and in your face to people about it. if its wrong, which i do not believe, then i've staked my eternality on it and it sure will suck. but honestly, i've never been more confident about anything in my life. for me, i feel like i have a bit of clarity and i hope everyone finds it as well.

      you might want to actually read the book of john in the bible with a sincere desire to find truth, its at least got to be on the list of possible sources. also, check out joel c. rosenberg who writes about this stuff with more clarity than i've ever seen and i've read A LOT of stuff. he was jewish but converted to be a Christ follower later in life.

      in particular, watch to see if someone seriously advocates a split jerusalem for both jews and muslims. when this happens, its go-time, in my opinion. best of luck to all, i'm off my soap box now;

    • Atheists:

      You are neither patriots nor citizens, according to George H.W. Bush Sr.

      See this clip and read the notes:

      I wonder if the Bush family considers muslims, buddhists, hindus, jews, or worshipers of zeus as citizens of the United States of America?

    • Jim,

      I don't really want to comment on this stuff tonight, but I was just wondering if you are like a real hobo? I mean, do you like ride the freights and carry your stuff wrapped in a bandana on the end of a stick? Or are you just posing as a hobo?

      Best Regards,


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