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  • briguy260 briguy260 Mar 20, 2010 2:48 AM Flag

    So how many died this week in Obama's wars?

    So how long does Obama have to clean up Dubba's mess before we can say he's just as worthless as the former pres?

    The left has been against the war for a long time, but now that they're in power.... 1 year and counting.... still there....

    Unfortunately neither side really wants to do anything good for the country, its all just an endless power grab.

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    • Bush tried, but unfortunately, he left it up to Rumsfeld and Cheney - and the occupation was botched.

      Damned if he did and damned if he didn't regarding the invasion.

      Had he left Iraq alone - and had a terror element from Iraq (under Saddam or otherwise) attacked the US - the liberal US press and democrats would have been relentless.

      I didn't like Bush, but I understand why he chose to go into Iraq. It's just horribly unfortunate we didn't treat it as a "real war", and go in with sufficient force initially to quell the rioting and looting so that order was never compromised.

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      • Bush did a great job! We were attacked he responded, Clinton, Kerry and Kennedy all said Iraq had weapons of mass destuction, also the UN said the same thing. The US went in and then when no weapons were found. It was Bush's fault. The CIA, FBI, all said they were there. But Bush rather than folding his hands and sit on his rear found out for sure. That is leadership. The liberal dems and the press persecuted him 24/7 and he never railed back at them, because when you do the right thing it really does not matter what others think. It is rather obvious that liberals have to have power and the media foments the liberal agenda. The Obamanation is just that an Obamnation.

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